FC Barcelona: Lewandowski: “I laughed when I heard the cries of Hala Madrid!”

Robert Lewandowski he was one of the greats protagonists of Barcelona’s presentation at the Joan Gamper Trophy since yesterday Sunday. The Polish international has intervened on four of the six goals of the whole of Xavier. He is happy with the decision to sign for the Catalan entity, as he explained in a long interview with Sports1.

leave Bayern

“I know it hurt a lot of fans. I can understand that and now I just apologize. At that time, it was important and necessary for me to make it clear that I was ready for a change. “At the end of the day, we are all human. After twelve years in Germany, it was clear to me that my stage was over. I wanted to make that clear, and of course it was not easy for Bayern. to accept a sale during this phase. It was a difficult situation for everyone and we had to find the best solution. I needed this change, this move to another country, to another club. I feel feel like a child with a new toy”.


“I felt strange going to the training ground for the last time. The club and the city mean a lot to me, my two daughters were born in Munich and we said goodbye to everyone at the City of sports and kindergarten. There are not two opinions about me.” Sports stadium at FC Bayern. What we have lived together in eight years, no one can or can take away from us. When I think of the five goals against Wolfsburg, the 41 goals in the Bundesliga or the sextet with Hansi Flick, those were wonderful moments.”


“I didn’t expect so many fans. It doesn’t matter if I had more or less than other players presented by Bara before like Ronaldinho or Ibrahimovic. It was other times, anyway. It’s very nice to feel so much support directly. It’s something that stays forever.”

Lewandowski arrived, greeted … and scored: in three minutes, he put the Camp Nou back on their feet with a superb goal!

Halla Madrid

“S, escuch eso, y me re. Pero tambin hubo algunos que gritaron mi number. Eso fue realmente agradable. En las ltimas semanas tambin me he encontrado con algunos fans en la calle que han expresado su comprensin por mi situacin y me han deseado all the best”.

The league

“I always wanted to play in La Liga, that was clear to me. And when Bara knocked on the door this time, Bara was the only option for me. There were other offers, but they didn’t interest me. not”.

golden ball

“I’ve always said that the success of your team pushes you towards these awards. But that’s not why I wanted to go to Spain.

his father

“Dad would have been very proud and satisfied. He always told me when I was a child that he believed that one day I could reach the highest level. It gave me a lot of motivation and hope to achieve my dreams. I miss him and it makes me sad that he couldn’t live.” all this, whether in Dortmund, Munich or now in Barcelona. But I’m sure he’s sitting in the front row looking at me proudly.”

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