far outperforms the RTX 3050

Lately, whenever we talk about Intel’s dedicated graphics card, the ARC, it’s usually to mention its inconsistent performance there Drivers still very green. However, we have good news and that is that in the programs of content creation if they stand out and even outperform the competition. Therefore, the Intel ARC A370M low-end offers a superior performance this RTX-3050 in this framework.

Intel has already launched its first Intel ARC models, corresponding to the desktop and laptop sector. Specifically, the Intel ARC A370M graphics card which corresponds to the basic range This is what we will see in this news. And that’s it, it will show a very competitive performance in video editing applications. Thus, we will see how it competes with the NVIDIA RTX 3050 and how it surpasses it when using certain programs.

This All in One PC is one of the first to integrate the Intel ARC A370M

Lenovo all in one ARC 370M PC

All-in-one computers (All in one) are distinguished by their great flexibility and their different configurations. And it is that one finds many times with this type of computer using graphs of AMD there Nvidia. We have seen setups even using dedicated graphics top of the line NVIDIA RTX, but you can usually find mid-range or entry-level GPUs. This is the case with this AIO from Lenovowhich has an Intel ARC inside A370Mcorresponding to the input range of ARC Alchemist.

That said, let’s start by introducing the AIO PC in question, called Xiaoxin Pro, which uses an Intel CPU + GPU combination. This PC comes with screen options for 23.8″ there 27″ with resolution 1440P (QHD) with a refresh rate of 100Hz and the cover of 100% sRGB. The frame of the monitor is made of aluminum and has support stainless steel. Regarding the specifications, it can be configured with an Intel Core i7-12700H of 14 hearts or a i5-12500H of 12 hearts.

allows up to 16 GB by heart DDR5 a 4800MHz and it comes with a PCIe 4.0 SSD of 1TB. To say it, it supports Wi-Fi 6E + Bluetooth 5, as well as a set of ports USB3.2 type A and type C, HDMI2.0jack off 3.5mm there RJ45 GigabitLAN. Finally, let’s say it offers a two-speaker system JBL of 5W con Dolby Audio and it will come to a price of 930 dollars for the basic model of this AIO. Regarding the graphics, it will use an Intel ARC A370M which, as we will see, will go head to head with the NVIDIA RTX 3050.

ARC A370M beats RTX 3050 in video editing programs

Intel ARC A370M RTX 3050 Content Creation

The Intel ARC A370M is one of Intel’s entry-level graphics cards, using the full GPU configuration ACM-G11. That means it packs 8 Xe cores resulting in 1024 ALUs, along with 8 ray tracing units. It will run at a speed of 1550MHz and seasoned with 4GB by heart GDDR6 of 64 bitgiving a bandwidth of 112 GB/s. Finally, note that its TDP operates in a range between 35W and the 50W, clarifying that this GPU does not come to compete at the top. That said, gaming performance results are offered using this A370M in popular games.

So they get 152 frames per second in League of Legends there 110 frames per second in CSGOat the same time for 1440P. During, tank world a 1080P reached up to 142 frames per second. The interesting thing comes when the company offers performance numbers in content creation apps. So compared to an RTX 3050 you get an improvement of a 30% in adobe premiere a 8K H.265 and an improvement of 70% in Davinci’s Resolution a 4K H.264/4K H.265. But most impressive is an increase in performance of the 900% in FFMPEG a 8K H.265 of the ARC A370M compared to the RTX 3050. Here it is clear that the Intel ARC GPUs showed that their support AV1 offers a clear advantage in these cases over AMD and NVIDIA.

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