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The iconic Italian bicycle company Bianchi announces the launch of a new range of electric bikes called E-Vertic, all designed around more or less radical use, but always with off-road capabilities in mind. Among all of them, the E-Vertic FX-Type stands out, while the E-Vertic FX-Type Pro stands out as the top of the range, although the prices of the latter are not yet known.

As specified by the brand itself, the E-Vertic range starts with the 2,949 euros of the E-Vertic C-Typewhich is the most urban model, followed by the 3,049 euros of the T-Type, a little more efficient than the first thanks to its more dynamic geometry.

Above these two models, there are three others whose dynamic capacities seem well above, as evidenced by its price. The midpoint of the E-Vertic range is the X-Type, which, with a hardtail type geometry, is postulated as the most versatile in the range and costs 3,499 euros.

Bianchi E-Vertic range.
From left to right and top to bottom, FX-Type Pro, X-Type, C-Type and T-Type.

Above the X-Type are the FX-Type and FX-Type Pro, two full-suspension bikes with a performance cut. While the first is intended for amateur use that can even be suitable for days on the road, the second takes a step forward in the specifications, authorizing the enduro label, according to the brand itself. The FX-Type is priced at 5,299 euros.

The prices shown are those linked to the international Bianchi website, but they should not differ too much from the specific prices for Spain. To find out the price of the FX-Type Pro, we will have to wait until the first quarter of 2023.

Bianchi E-Vertic Type FX

Type FX E-Vertic
Type FX E-Vertic

Of all the bikes presented by Bianchi for its E-Vertic range, the one that will be the most interesting (at least on a media level) will be the E-Vertic FX-Type, which without being as radical as the top of the range, is postulated a quieter trail that can promise good behavior on dirt roads.

In line with its predecessor, it loses the carbon composite geometry but uses the same pedaling assistance scheme (even if the whole range benefits from the latter). It is an electrical system manufactured by Bosch, a Cx Performance Line, the best from the German specialist. The motor delivers 250W of rated power and up to 85Nm of torque.

Type FX E-Vertic
Type FX E-Vertic

Its battery is not left out since it offers 750 Wh of capacity with which you can make routes of up to 155 kilometers. Another aspect in which it undercuts the advantages over the Pro version is its suspension. The FX-Type makes do with 140 millimeters of travel. There are different setups among which the responsible for the suspension varies, whether it is FOX or RockShox.

Throughout the build, a system of 200-millimeter-diameter discs bitten by four-piston calipers (which can be Magura or Shimano) and SRAM-driven change is common.

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