Chronicle of I’m going to have a good time, the musical to the rhythm of Hombres G

This Friday, the family comedy of the summer is in the spotlight: i’m gonna have a good time. It has all the ingredients to stand out from other titles that have swept since its premiere, as is the case with Father there is only one 3, Why manages to combine comedy, musical comedy, drama and traditional portrait of our society with great naturalness and success.

A full set of emotions that makes the visual experience an enormous and intergenerational pleasure.

In other words, although he focuses much of his attention on our recent past and celebrates it with its lights and shadows, the story told by the film is so universal that it has the potential to appeal to adults and youngsters alikealthough he does not even know the group Hombres G.


Trailer of I’m going to have a good time, the musical to the rhythm of Hombres G

i’m gonna have a good time tells us the story of David and Layla in two time planes. They meet in 1989 when EGB’s eighth year starts at their school and share the same musical tastes, but David doesn’t know how to approach it and lets himself be guided by an older and supposedly experienced classmate.

Despite being very badly advised, the group of friends grows stronger and stronger and David and Layla become almost inseparable until a trip cuts their relationship short.

Three decades later, Layla returns to Valladolid invited by the Film Festival because she has developed a promising career as a director. On the occasion of his return to town, he contacts David, who relives the time they spent together when they were children.

i'm gonna have a good time

Valladolid, luxury set

There are many aspects to highlight in the production of I’m going to pass it well, but we’re going to start talking about two in particular: the places and the way the musical genre is approached. The film does not hesitate to call on magnificent dancers but they appear out of nowhere, like simple passers-by who come together to shape complex choreographies, sometimes very choral and well executed.

This makes us enjoy the environment twice: that the story takes place in Valladolid makes sense, because it is the seat of the famous festival, but it also gives the feeling that all that past permeates the streets, which have been strewn with memories.

It’s a specific place that looks like a fable on the big screen, but it can be extrapolated to any part of the world in that we all fell in love in our earliest youth for the first time and we also “special places” that make us travel in the past to remember who we were and how much we loved (reciprocally or not).

The mirindas, Galerías Preciados, tapes rewound with a pencil stroke, walkmans and denim jackets take hold of a film that knows how to go beyond its refined artistic direction to testify that the story has a heart. .

Good music never goes out of style

The interesting and the timeless i’m gonna have a good time is that it’s not just limited to a love story but also develops more characters that move around the main couple and they’re all very well defined.

Thus, we access sub-plots of self-improvement, friendship and subversion of the rules which give the narrative a very funny and brutal touch. It can bring to your head the tone of Once upon a time in the Basque Country although it goes through different paths.

i'm gonna have a good time

What is particularly complicated is that the film sticks to the musical genre as the transverse axis of the film: the songs of Les Hombres G are the backbone of the structure of the film and add layers to the story. So when you hear “Give me back my girlfriend”, “Venezia” or “Let your hair down” it’s more than justified.

The cast is ten: the children sing, dance, interpret and with all this they manage to excite and make the public laugh, who put themselves in their place with disconcerting ease. A challenge that David Serrano (screenwriter of The other side of the bed) bravely face. The adult counterpart also blends beautifully with the characters we were introduced to as children.

The big but that can be put to i’m gonna have a good time This has not so much to do with the execution (the direction of the actors is impeccable) as with the resources available to carry out the project: the budgetary limitation is noticeable, especially in the filming on location. Of course, at some point, we’re already so far into the story that it becomes a lesser evil.

It’s a movie full of energy that gives off good vibes and leads us to reconnect with who we were and therefore with who we are.

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