Carmen Borrego explodes after a low blow by Rafa Mora in ‘Sálvame’: “Imbécil”

‘Sálvame’ viewers have once again witnessed the wrath of one of his most iconic collaborators. Carmen Borrego left the Telecinco program set a few minutes later Rafa Mora told her that he was working on television to be the daughter of María Teresa Campos in this Friday’s edition.

“We are here because we want to be, but they are not. Why are you here, Carmen? If I have to tell you, you have a problem. You are here because you are the daughter of María Teresa Camposand then, because you deserved it,” the former ‘MYHYV’ contestant said, blasting the former director for programs like ‘Día a día’ and ‘A tu vera’, among others.

“Well, from this moment I cease to be here with you, because I’m tired of you saying that. You find out who I am! I’ve been here my whole life, for you to say that. Idiot! And I’m sorry for insulting you, but I’m sick of you. He caught me one very screwed up afternoon. Go and give yourself! Good luck, Rafa Mora! The only one who seems to deserve to be here is you, so stay,” Borrego said as he left the ‘Sálvame’ set.

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Far from his anger going away, Carmen Borrego was also embarrassed that none of his teammates defended him against Rafa Mora’s low kick: “Dude, a teammate could have defended me, because I have been working for 35 years so they tell me i’m here because i’m nadi’s daughterand. I am the daughter of someone who is highly respected, but who has worked for many years.”

After several minutes of absence, Carmen Borrego returned and once again clarified things: “I am very proud to be María Teresa Campos’ daughter, but I’m not here for her. I’m not going to take a alone deserves you but i have worked all my life. You are not insulting me by saying that I am the daughter of María Teresa Campos. It makes me enormously proud, you don’t know how much, but I’ve worked all my life. There is no worse or better job, only good or bad work. And if I’m here, it’s because I deserve it, just like you.”

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