Carla Pereyra details what she said to Simeone when they met at a restaurant

Carla Pereyra and Diego Pablo Simeone have reopened a slot so that the millions of followers they have around the world can see a small part of their daily lives. The Argentinian model was the protagonist of ‘Mujeres al poder’ and received Carme Chaparro in his apartment in Madridthe very one he acquired with the Atlético coach in 2018, which he completely reformed and which, according to the magazine Ten minutes, had been put on sale at the end of 2020.We are a big pineapple“Assures Carla from the start of the show.

The model is currently enjoying great professional success and a seemingly idyllic family life, but it wasn’t always like this. Born in a working-class neighborhood in Paraná, she was clear this was not where she wanted to live. and left alone for Europe when she was still a teenager: “I started modeling I was 17 and went to Milan alone thanks to an opportunity they gave me. It was a difficult stage because they rejected me several times, but all this made me progress and these are life experiences, ”he admits. He had already been working in his country for a year and he can still boast of great humility: “I never lost my mind. I’m still a girl from Paraná who lives in Madrid and wonderful things happen to her”.

How Simeone and Carla Pereyra met

After a period in New York where Carla worked as an art dealer in a gallery, she returned to Madrid and it was there that she met the one who is now her husband. “It was very funny. I met him in a restaurant. I went to the bathroom and he followed me… I was a big Atleti fan, so I knew who he was. So I go out and say, ‘That’s great! What a good job you are doing! And he said to me: “I’m waiting for you”. And I stay as expected :’Listen, I’m from Paraná, I’m Argentinian. don’t tell me the story‘”, remember. But since that meeting, they have not separated. They started talking and found that they had a lot in common, including that they “laughed at the same things, that the songs of adolescence were the same”, and that it brought two people who had been away from home for a long time closer together.

Carla Pereyra fell in love with the Atlético de Madrid coach, a man from a marriage with three older children and with a job in huge demand. However, the model has found a wonderful father who goes out of his way for his daughters despite the many hours he has to devote to football:We bathe them together, we give them dinner… He’s a great father”.

With the model Simeone he twice became the father of two little girls, which is why he knows perfectly how to compare the differences he has suffered with boys and girls: “The girls behave very well, they are calmer, they have their time to play… The boys are much more unruly“, admits the technician of the kitchen of the house. “When he comes home he knows how to get out of the role of coach to play the role of fatherCarla points out.

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