Capcom revealed how Jury and Kimberly fight in Street Fighter 6

Capcom’s announcements at EVO 2022 began Friday, August 5 at Street fighter 6. In this panel, we learned that Steve “Tasty Steve” Scott and James Chen are the new “casters” of Street Fighter 6 (SF6). Now, in the tournament final of street fighter 5 (SF5), Capcom continued its announcements of Street Fighter 6 with a new trailer – hosted by Aru and Vicious – revealing how he fights (name) in the sixth installment of Osaka’s other company’s flagship fighting game.

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tournament results street fighter 5 at EVO 2022

Follow all the action from the Top 8 of the tournament SF5 at EVO 2022.

1. HB|Kawano (Kolin).
2.iDom (Laura, Poison).
3. RB|Gachikun (Rashid).
4.Rohto | Tokido (Urian, Luke).
5. BST|Daigo Umehara (Guile).
5. UYU|Oil King (Rashid, Seth).
7. Mr. Crimson (Dhalsim).
7. EMGG|Justakis (Juri).

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Which characters will be in Street Fighter 6 since its launch?

Street Fighter 6: Capcom revealed Guile's appearance and fights
After EVO 2022, when will Capcom make a new announcement of Street fighter 6.

The road to get started Street Fighter 6 started and in GamerFocus we will dedicate a space to each of the fighters of SF6. However, thanks to a leak, we know who will be 22 of the characters that Capcom will include with the launch of Street fighter 6.

when will it be released or what is the release date of street fighter 6: characters, drive system and everything they let you know before launch
If you are wondering which characters will be in Street Fighter 6 since its release, this image may give you the answer.

Here is the list of the 22 characters that will be available from the launch of Street Fighter 6 (SF6):

  • Ryu (Japan).
  • Ken (USA).
  • Zangief (Russia).
  • Dalsim (India).
  • E. Honda (Japan).
  • White (Brazil).
  • Guile (USA).
  • Chun Li (China)
  • Cammy (England).
  • Dee Jay (Jamaica).
  • Rashid (Saudi Arabia).
  • Yuri (South Korea).
  • Ed (Germany).
  • Akuma (Japan).
  • Luke (USA).

new characters from Street Fighter 6

  • Mariza (Italy).
  • Jamie (Hong Kong).
  • Mimi (France).
  • Lily (Mexico).
  • JP (Russia).
  • Kimberly (USA).
  • AKI (China).

What is the release date of Street Fighter 6?

Street Fighter 6 evo 2022 announcements
Capcom has made a new announcement of Street Fighter 6in the final of the tournament SF5at EVO 2022.

If you are one of those who have been excited about this new announcement and wondering when it will be released or what is the release date of Street Fighter 6you should know that the sixth installment of Capcom’s flagship fighting game franchise is coming sometime in 2023. Unfortunately, Capcom has not made any announcement regarding the release date of Street Fighter 6 at EVO 2022.

Street Fighter 6Unlike its previous opus, it will not be exclusive to Sony consoles. The sixth (6) installment of street fighter It will be available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S|X and PC via Steam.

Know everything about the combat system and the types of control it will have street fighter 6, we recommend that you read our essential article in the following link.

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