Camp Nou and Alves confirm Barça transfer

Nothing this Gamper resembled the previous one. The depression Barcelona fans felt last year, three days after saying goodbye to the traumatic departure of Leo Messi, contrasts with the optimism that now emerges with the arrival of Lewandowskme and the rest of the signatures.

Of the three scorers from the previous year, one is no longer there (Riqui Puig) and the other two are on the exit ramp: Memphis Depay and Braithwaite. The latter was whistled this Sunday for his reluctance to leave, like what happened to Umtiti last year. The French centre-back didn’t go to the Gamper so another row like the one he suffered in the Sporting City last season has been spared.

flag illusion

The 9 Braithwaite wore two seasons ago is the one Lewandowski wears now. The Polish striker received the most applause during the team presentation in which illusion was the most repeated word Xavi and Busquets in their parliaments. “We are starting a very exciting year and I would like nothing more than to make you happy… And that happens winning titles. We will give our all, we will give our all, but we need your support. We are the best clubs in the world and we need you”, condemned coach azulgrana.

Before moving to Montjuïc next season, Barça want to fill Camp Nou again. League attendance last year was 53,982, down 20,000 from before the pandemic (75,208). This Sunday 83,021 fans were present. Stars like Lewandowski are the best claim for a Barca bereft of illusions and goals after Messi’s traumatic departure.

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John Laporta He is confident that the Golden Boot can be back next Saturday at the Camp Nou lawn and that the club “will have no problem” registering all the players signed before the Rayo debut. “There are players who have to leave and there will be other registrations. What I expect for this next week, however, is the registration of signatures”, he commented before handing over a souvenir plaque in Alves.

The Brazilian winger, the second foreigner with the most Barca appearances (431), was beaten by his former teammates after verifying that the current Barca has almost nothing to do with the one he left ago a month and a half, both in terms of means and means. moody status Within three minutes, Lewandowski made his Barca striker debut with a touch of fantasy, before providing two stellar assists for Pedri. A company that predicts many dividends this course. The paradigm of Barça’s mutation is Dembélé, who since his transfer has emerged as a goalscorer and is the top scorer of the season with five goals.

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