Cáceres confirms Albert Lafuente as an alternative to the base position

As this log progressed eight days ago, Albert Lafuente (Lleida, 24/05/1999) will theoretically be the reserve base of the World Heritage Site of Cáceres, thus making a couple with Dani Rodríguez. The club confirmed this Monday, being the third signing after those of Simas Jarambauskas and Rodríguez himself. The workforce is at 50%, since the renewals of Julen Olaizola and Carlos Toledo are also assured.

Lafuente, 1.89 tall, arrives after being a captain of the ICG Força Lleida last season when he faced the green and black team in the ‘playoffs’. With the Catalan club, in which he was trained, he made his debut in 2017 as a junior. It then passed through Clavijo and Pardinyes, also from Lleida, to LEB Plata, before returning to the Barris Nord entity. In 2021-22, he averaged 4.8 points, 1.4 assists and 1.4 rebounds in 14 minutes on the field (39 games).

“He is a good game director for his teammates and has a lot of verticality in the hoop to play direct blocking and find penetrations and be able to help”, defines Cáceres in his press release. For his new coach, Roberto Blanco, “his physical component stands out for defending the bases and shooting guards. Has significant room for improvementa lot of progress to be made”.

In statements also released by Cáceres, Lafuente was “super happy and excited” to be able to join the Cáceres project. “I really want to get to know the city, my colleagues and the Personal and start to work so that together we can have a great season“, he added, inviting the fans “to see you soon in the Polyvalente”.


Lafuente and Jaume Lobo coincided playing together in Logroño in 2020-21, but at the moment it’s not easy for them to repeat in Cáceres. The renewal of the also Catalan shooter was extraordinarily complicated, despite the fact that Cáceres’ intention was in principle that he continue to show the progress he had shown in his debut in LEB Oro (almost 8 points per game in just 15 minutes on court on average). Plans now go through taking his place with the transfer of Pablo Sánchez (Linares, 18/10/2002), from Unicajawho is more of a playmaker, but who can also play the role of “2” by sharing the track with Dani Rodríguez and Lafuente himself.

Frantically, between Roberto Blanco and the general director of sports, Alberto Blanco, they are trying these days to move forward in more negotiations with players who want to be key.

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