Barca threatened De Jong

The relationship between FC Barcelona and Frenkie de Jong is difficult, but no one imagined that the club’s pressure on the Dutchman would reach the point that the club’s board threatened the footballer by letter to invalidate his contract and to bring him to justice as the journalist published. David Orstein today on The Athletic. An action, which by the same means, Evgeni Levchenko, president of the Dutch players’ union, could be seen as ‘extortion’ and that it is controlled by the global players’ union, FIFPRO.

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Barca’s idea was to cancel the contract De Jong signed with Bartomeu’s board on October 20, 2020 whereby the Dutch player extended his contract with Barcelona until 2026. in exchange for a pay cut during the 20-21 and 21-22 campaigns. A deal similar to the one Ter Stegen, Pique and Lenglet reached on those dates.

In return, De Jong got back the money he stopped earning in the current season and the next one, in which he later cashed in, 15.2 million and 18.3 million respectively.

The current Barca board considered the terms of this renewal to be illegal and the player was threatened by letter to take the contract to court. to turn it off, however He was offered the possibility of an out-of-court settlement which consisted of De Jong voluntarily returning to the terms of the original contract he signed in January 2019.

This letter reached De Jong’s lawyers on July 15 this year, oddly one day after De Jong refused to accept Barca’s first offer to him to go to Manchester United.

Since the previous meeting of Barcelona, ​​they defend the legality of the contract and they maintain that this contract has been validated by the board of directors, the economic committee, compliance and the auditors of the previous board. And as if that weren’t enough, they add that the current board saw no problem with this contract when they took ownership of the club and did the audit first and forensics later. They are surprised by the previous government team to have discovered the alleged contractual irregularity when the player refused to transfer to United.

The player’s lawyers, for their part, do not hide their discomfort with the attitude of Laporta’s board of directors. They consider themselves extremely pressured to leave the club to whatever destination Barcelona decides and they demand their right to stay at Barca, which is Frenkie’s preferred option, and in case of departure, they will be the ones who will decide the fate.

The current situation is tense. De Jong, who played a great game at Gamper, continues to prioritize staying at the club, all is good words towards him in public, but performances like those revealed by The Athletic show that words go from one side and stocks on the other.

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