Barca threatened De Jong to terminate his contract

Barça, in the mouth of its president, John Laporta, insists they have Frenkie de Jong for next season but different reports point in the opposite direction due to his high salary. According Athleticismthe Barcelona entity would have even threatened to terminate the midfielder’s contract.

Continuing the information revealed by the sports newspaper, the Catalan club assures that the agreement concluded by De Jong with the former board of directors chaired by Josep Maria Bartomeu contains indications of criminality and therefore a sufficient basis to take legal action. .

The midfielder reported some €18m in the 2020-21 and 2021-22 seasons

In October 2020, the midfielder deferred his salary in the 2020-21 and 2021-22 seasons due to Barca’s financial problems due to the outbreak of the pandemic. Arkel’s, 25, stopped charging around 18 million euros, which it would recover over the next four years, and in return it renewed for two years, until 2026,

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This next season, De Jong is due to receive his full salary plus the proportionate share of monies owed, which poses a problem for balancing the team’s high wage bill. A similar maneuver was carried out with Gerard Pique, Marc-André Ter Stegen and Clément Lenglet, who left on loan at Tottenham this summer.


Frenkie de Jong, during the match against the Pumas.

AFP7 via Europa Press / EP

For this reason, Barça considered the sale of De Jong and with this intention came to an agreement with Manchester United for a total amount of approximately 85 million between fixed and variable. However, the Dutchman rejected the offer and a day after his refusal he received a letter from Barca with the legal threat on his contract, according to Athleticism.

The previous directive defends that the agreement reached with De Jong for the modification of his contract is completely legal both in the eyes of the Barcelona institution and La Liga. Following the reports revealed by the American and British media, the current managers gave De Jong the friendly option to waive the amount owed and continue to collect what his initial contract stipulated.

Según ‘Athletics’

Barca sent him a letter with the notice of his contract after the player rejected Manchester United’s offer

Dutch players’ union president Evgeniy Levchenko recently denounced that De Jong was being extorted by the Catalan club. For its part, the international union of football players (FIFPRO) is studying the situation closely. In all cases, De Jong’s high record is one of the brakes for Barca to adapt to La Liga fair play and register new recruits.

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