Apple’s Next Breakthrough Product May Be Announced Soon

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The North American company could start 2023 with an announcement that lays the groundwork for new mass consumer technology.

Son Of the bone Projects What Apple has been in his hands for years and which, for unknown reasons, have not yet been revealed by the Cupertino company. Like him electric and autonomous car like him mixed reality devicewhich we have already discussed previously with a patent that required two Apple Watches and an second generation already in the works, have given something to talk about in recent years, but without any official confirmation. Recently, one of the most reputable leakers in the tech world, Ming Chi Kuoreconfirmed that the visor of mixed realityalso possibly increased, could be closer to being introduced.

The Apple device that could change the way we interact with the world around us is reportedly coming in 2023

Judging by the information published on 9to5Mac digital mediathe Chinese analyst reportedly said that the glass of applesince everyone is talking about this product as the modern revision of a classic eyewear, they could be presented in the month of January 2023. In statements collected by this means, Kuo declares that:

This investment does not have a clear consensus in the market, due to doubts generated by the user experience and expectations of less than 1.5 million units shipped in 2023. Apple could announce a viewer of augmented reality and mixed reality in January 2023. The launch event is expected to reduce investor concerns about innovative user experience and low shipments in 2023, as well as build confidence in device expectations .

Mixed reality devices could be Apple's next big thing

Mixed reality devices could be Apple’s next big thing

It is easy to understand that the launch of this product mark one inflection point for the company chaired by Tim Cook, given that the rumors about the project and the dozens of patents that have been presented in recent years tell us about a work behind the scenes to launch a device on the market that will become the next featured article of American society. As Ming-Chi Kuo describes it: “it will be the next revolutionary consumer electronics product after the iPhone”.

It is obvious that the initial adoption will be enough limitboth on the supply side, since a large Distribution of the viewfinder, as by the economic aspectwith the sustained rumor that we are talking about a device that in its first version could reach a price scalewho would be between $2000 and $2500. The presentation of the mixed reality device intended to show three aspects fundamental: the utility for the consumer, the Software who will integrate and Material with which it will be built. rumors augmented reality glassesby the way, they shouldn’t be released until year 2024although everything will depend on the reception of this first product.

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