Amaia, Rozalén, Izal, C.Tangana or Loquillo lead the return of a Sonorama which celebrates its 25th anniversary

Rozalén, Izal, C.Tangana, Loquillo, Ciudad Jara or the end lead from this Wednesday to Sunday a new edition of the festival Sonorama by the riverwhich celebrates its 25th anniversary and returns to normal after its cancellation in 2020 and the restrictions of the 2021 edition following the coronavirus pandemic.

An edition that will also take more than 150 groups and artists to the city of Burgos in Aranda de Duero between August 10 and 14, such as Rufus T. Firefly, La MODA, Coque Malla, Dorian, Los Secretos, Rulo y la Contrabanda, Fuel Fandando, Russian Ladilla or Mikel Erentxun.

For five days and on nine stages, music, gastronomy, Ribera del Duero wine tourism and live humor will once again forge the personality of this festival which, although it has become a symbol of “indie” music during a quarter of a century, has transcended labels to become an essential reference in all Spanish festivals.

Thus, on Wednesday August 10, Ciudad Jara will lead a poster that will feature this first day of the festival – in which its traditional costume party will take place – with Álvaro Suite, Arnau Griso, Luis Brea, Olimpia, Santero and the boys and DJs Filo and Ziry.


The thursday 11 It will be the turn of Rozalén, Belako, Celtas Cortos, Coque Malla, Egon Soda, Future Islands, Jeanette, Los Secretos, Pole, Rulo y la Contrabanda, Bizarro Love Triangle, We are not Dj’s, Alis, Chill Chicos, Chucho, Ciclonautas , Dani Pastor, humor by David Puerto, Def Con Dos, Binary Diagnosis, Digital 21 with Stefan Osldal, direct comics by David Suárez and Jorge Yorya, Doctor Explosión, Duque, EME Dj, Fillide, Gara Durán, Gloves, Inerttes, Innmir, Jack Bisonte, Javi Torres & Zag, Jota Pop, Kano Dj, Kora, Los Estanques, Los Gandules, MDA, Mercromina, Morning Drivers, Niños Lucha, Comedy show by Patricia Espejo, Pico y Pala Dj’s, Queralt Lahoz, Ralphie Choo, Siena, Trapece and Whiskey Caravan.


The Friday 12 Izal, in what has already become their farewell tour as a band indefinitely, will perform in Sonorama’s third day musical proposals, which will also feature Ángel Stanich, Dancetería, Delaossa, Elyella, Emir Kusturika & The No. -un group led by the famous Serbian director who gave it his name-, Mikel Erentxun, Nil Moliner and Shinova.

They will also perform that day on the various festival stages Ainda, Airbag, Amable, Angel Pop, Barry B and Friends, Black Tag Dj’s, Bulego, Polish Chancellor, Cápsula, Digital 21, Don Gonzalo, Drea, Emlan, Eva Ryjlen, Farrustel & La Farrulata, Ginebras, Guacamayo Dj’s, Izaro, Julieta 21, Kronno Zomber, Les Castizos, Los Invaders, Maren, María Yfeu, Nickzzy, Olivia, Pantocrator, Paulo Podestá, Pon un Kachi, Seiurte, Side Chick, Soy Emilia, Suzuki, Tardeo, The Excitements, The Gulps, Tiger and Diamond, 3-Ball Tommy, Urtain, Vega, Veintiuno, Zea Mays and Zirrosis.

The humor that day will be served by Agustín Durán, Grison, Isaac F. Corrales, Don Fluor, Álex Fidalgo with his ‘What you say’ podcast and Virginia Riezu.


On Saturday the 13th, the day the concert for the 25th anniversary of the festival will be held, it will bring together some of the highlights of this Sonorama Ribera 2022, with C.Tangana, Amaia, Arde Bogotá, Barry B, Funzo & Baby Loud, Joe Crepúsculo , Kodaline, La MODA, Russian Ladilla, Manuel Vilas, Recycled J, Rufus T. Firefly, Your other pretty, Billy Flamingos, Carmen 113, Chico Blanco, Comandante Twin, Cosmen, Budú Chronometer, Daniless, The amazing step, The hat of grandfather, Liars, Give me poison, Gotelé, Guacamayo Dj’s, Happening, Hickeys, La Probetta Rock School, María Guadaña, Miel, Mori, Mula, Nando Costa Dj and Fran Second, Nunatak, Oscarmina, Pablo Lesuit, Paul Alone, Peje, Peredius, Rocío Sáiz, Rusowsky, Sala Rem Dj’s Set, Say yes Dj, Sara Hebe, Serial Killerz, She’s a Star Dj, Sola Dj’s, St Woods, Suu, The Royal Flash, Umami, Vega Almohalla, Volver and Yarea.

Saturday’s humor will be represented by Car de Lorenzo, the Gente 2000 podcast, Iggy Rubin, Maldito Bollo Drama, Paula Púa and Rancius Dj Set -a show after which comedian Héctor de Miguel performs-.


The protagonist of the last day of Sonorama will be, on Sunday 14, the legendary Barcelona rocker José María Sanz, better known as Loquillo, who will put the finishing touch to a day in which such eminent names as Dani Fernández, Dorian , Fuel Fandango will also perform. , The Blue House, The Border, Lao Ra, You’re Not Going To Like It, Rayden or even Sexy Zebras.

This last day will also pass through the stages of Aranda de Duero Ainoa Buitrago, Amatria, Badlands, Bauer, Cachorros, Cano, Captain Corchea, Chica Startle, Claudia Halley, Cora Yako, Dada2, Green Silly Parrots, Guacamayo Dj’s, Hit La Rosa , Hoonine, Jenny & The Mexicats, JM&JA Sound Systems, Julio Ruiz, Karavana, La Plazuela, Ley Dj, Lucía Tacchetti, Mediocre Dj, Molina Molina, Niña Polaca, Ortiga, Petit Pop, Pol 3.14, Rock Nights, Rojuu Samuraï, Shego , Seven of Spades, S-Serrano, Sugarcrush, Superframe, The Prussians, The Southnormales, Tomaccos, Valira, Vermouth and Zabriskie.

The comedy scene on Sunday will feature the presence of Ana Bravo, Dani Fez, Jaime Caravaca, La Pija and La Quinqui podcast, Marco Antonio and Nadin Din. ACCESSIBILITY

In this 25th anniversary, the festival will have different accessibility measures in the venue, while the concerts of Dani Fernández, Dorian, Izal, Jeanette, La Casa Azul, La MODA, Mikel Erentxun, Rozalén, Rufus T. Firefly and Shinova They will also be performed in sign language, thanks to the collaboration of the Music For All Foundation and the Aransbur de Burgos association.

Among the accessibility measures that Sonorama Ribera 2022 will have, in addition to concerts in sign language, loan of vibrating backpacks, magnetic loop, parking and platform for people with reduced mobility and adapted signage.

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