Alice Merton: “The experience of creating this album was a whirlwind”

After gaining international success with “No Roots” tells us all about his new album: SIDES

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You have just released your new album… SIDES… How was the whole experience, from the very beginning to the final consolidation of this project? What can we hear from Alice in this new era?
The experience of creating this album was a whirlwind. The whole process was like a rollercoaster of emotions, trying to make sense of everything and really analyzing what was going on in my life and how I felt about it. Each song tells a different but very true and honest story. It goes further than MINT and is more introspective. I would say this album is musically and lyrically darker than the first. But I went through a dark time, and there was no point in hiding it.

How is this album different from the previous one? How would you define this new sound?
I think the new sound is a bit rounder than the first album, it’s darker and we use a lot of layers, definitely more than the first album. I would say the storytelling is a bit more detailed and kind of gives you a sad feeling.

Do you already know what will be your next single from this new album?
Whether! 🙂 will be… The Other Side!

With “No Roots” you massively touched the public, did you expect that? What was your first reaction and what were the good things it brought you?
I didn’t expect the impact it had “No Roots”…for me it was about introducing myself as a person and an artist, talking about my life story of always being on the move. I had no idea that so many people could relate and that this song would introduce me as an artist. It opened so many doors for me and put me on the map for the first time!

What direction will you take now in your career and what projects do you have in mind?
I think I have a very romantic view of songwriting and creating soundscapes. For me, it really depends on how I feel and what I experience when I’m working… I don’t normally make specific plans of what the music will look like in two years, I follow the path that leads me there.

We know that this year you are on tour, which countries would you like to visit in the future? Do you plan to return to Spain?
I would like to go back to Spain and give a concert there. It would be a dream! I want to tour Asia one day and go back to Canada to play there too.

About your last visit to Spain… What surprised you the most and was there anything you didn’t really like? How did you experience the heat?
My last visit to Spain was amazing! We had an amazing meal in Madrid, we had tortillas, churros and super delicious seafood! The only thing that was difficult was the 37 degree heat! We also walked around at night and enjoyed the atmosphere of the city. What a vibrant place! I can not wait to return to.

What wishes do you have for music? Can you tell us what your “dream collaboration” would be? What are your references in current music?
Honestly, I want to keep writing music and I hope people like it and still want to come to shows in 5 years. I want to one day perform in front of thousands of people and enjoy the look on their faces knowing they are having a great time! My dream collaboration would be with Regina Spektor. She inspired my music a lot.

Alice presents her latest work SIDES which you can listen to below

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