Aitana gets a tattoo in Ibiza: Discover the delicate symbol that was made with her family – Music

Aitana is having a few days of disconnecting and resting after a busy year of schedule. And it is that this island used to be the favorite place of ‘celebrities’ to spend your vacation days. We know how the magic of its waters manages to captivate all those who are lucky enough to enjoy them. But the majestic sky-blue sea is not the only thing that manages to fascinate tourists like Aitana, the summer nights on the island managed to trap the artist in an aura of reverie, because the first night the singer and her family arrived on the island, a towering half-moon received them, burning into their burning minds. A precious memory of her beach vacation that Aitana wanted to remember for life by tattooing it on her skin during her family stay in Ibiza, to take it with her forever.

What is this new tattoo about?

The symbol chosen does not only symbolize a moon, it goes much further, it signifies the union and symbiosis of the singer of ’11 Reasons’ with his most intimate and familiar self, isa the father daughter and cousin who does not disappear despite her immense worldwide success in music. Let’s just say this tattoo could signify that consecration of humility and how familiar it is.

He wanted to ask his followers to find a good tattoo artist

Aitana surprised her followers by asking them on Saturday morning if they knew a fine line tattoo artist in Ibiza, Well, when the artist put himself between eyebrows and eyebrows, said and done, it was to get advice from his followers and find a tattoo artist who specialized in this technique and flaunt several stories at night with his new moon on the shoulder.

It looks like this summer is going to be Aitana’s summer par excellence, judging by the holidays she’s already had in Tenerife with her friends and her pet, her German Shepherd called ‘Sopa’ and her name is also tattooed on his arm in the shape of a fun bowl for this broth that gives his dog soul his name. And keeping in mind how happy the entertainer has been in the company of her cousins, can’t help but smile during her fun days at the beach.

Aitana and her love for tattoos

The interpreter of ‘Vas a Quedarte’ is an absolute lover of tattoos, far from the sweet and childish image that has always characterized her, she is passionate about recording memories on her skin. The largest and most recognizable is the one inside the arm in the shape of a sunflower, which symbolizes his friendship with his best friend, since they were separated by no more and no less than the distance between Barcelona and Madrid at that time and they always wanted to feel close. Now that the singer is an international star and spends long periods away from home producing music, it makes even more sense.

And the most emblematic his forearm number: ‘1727’, which is neither more nor less than his casting number that he had in the selection process for ‘Operación Triunfo’, the talent show that changed his life and gave him the perfect showcase to show off the diamond he was. The ‘Vas a Quedarte’ singer spoke about this figure in the following way: “I consider that this stage marked my life a lot… it makes me very funny because I’m really always obsessed with the fact that the number 7 has been constantly in my life, I don’t know why…my birthday is the 27th, my mother also celebrates the 27th…I always find sevens in my life”.

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