According to InvestAnswers, Blackrock’s entry into Bitcoin could shoot its price to $773,000

According to a popular cryptocurrency analysta partnership between two financial giants could trigger growth in the value of Bitcoin (BTC) up to around $773,000. Here is an analysis of how this could happen.

Last week, Coinbasethe US-based cryptocurrency titan, unexpectedly announced that it has associated with BlackRockthe world’s largest asset manager, with the aim of bringing cryptocurrency trading to wealthy clients around the world.

more money in the market

YouTube channel presenter InvestAnswers revealed to its 443,000 YouTube subscribers that the partnership could increase Bitcoin’s market capitalization by at least $1 billion.

He thinks so black rock invests 0.5% of its assets in Bitcoin and use my 21x multiplier, so will increase market capitalization by $1.05 trillion, meaning bitcoin will gain $75,000 in value, bringing it to $98,000. At the current price, the ROI (return on investment) would be 326%. The possibility of achieving this goal is very, very real.

Taking this into account, if they invest 1% in Bitcoin, which is naturally going to take a while to get, it would add around $2.1 trillion to the market value, $150,000 at the priceand that would take the Bitcoin price to $173,000, which would be a 652% increase.

There’s been a lot of talk about adding 5%, and that’s what Dan Tapiero says, who thinks it’s too aggressive. There is a possibility, maybe in a while, maybe in three or five years, that it will be a reality. It is very likely that the Bitcoin price reach $773,000 in the next three or five years quite easily.

When analyzing the cryptocurrency market, the cryptocurrency strategist was inspired by the words of 10T Holdings CEO Dan Tapiero. Do you think the deal between BlackRock and Coinbasewhich is closely watched by the eminent macro-inverterit can propel Bitcoin to levels above $250,000.

According to InvestAnswers, Blackrock's entry into Bitcoin could shoot its price to $773,000

BlackRock may have one of best macro opportunities of allAccording to InvestAnswers, if you take the initiative to facilitate the adoption of Bitcoin. BLK’s assets would be worth $500 billion if they moved 5%, which is more than the BTC value Currently. It is becoming increasingly clear that the catalyst for Bitcoin price growth after the halving is $250,000 or more.

This prediction is based on the assumption that more institutional investors and large investors will flock to the bitcoin market in the future. Although there are many positive signs, it is still unclear whether all BlackRock customers want to invest in bitcoin.

Anyway, these kinds of stories showing traditional investment firms embracing bitcoin and cryptocurrencies they are very positive for the overall market, which can lead to long-term green candles in the market for years to come.

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