Why does the Mediterranean diet help fight depression?

Many treatments have been developed to fight against depression and it is sometimes necessary to modify one’s lifestyle.

Why does the Mediterranean diet help fight depression?

Last update: August 07, 2022

The Mediterranean diet is well known for its benefits, but what many people don’t know is that also helps fight depression. It’s true, following this type of diet has a positive effect on physical and mental health.

In the Mediterranean diet, fruits and vegetables occupy a central place. Also, saturated fats or processed products are not included. That is why its advantages are very obvious, especially for people who have to take care of their heart.

On the other hand, it is true that overcoming depression requires a general change in lifestyle, but starting by paying attention to what you eat is always a good start. For this reason, we will explain below why the Mediterranean diet helps fight depression.

The importance of the “Mediterranean way of life”

The Mediterranean diet is one way to improve brain health.

As said earlier, when treating depression, not only the diet factor should be considered, but also the lifestyle of the person. For him, the “Mediterranean lifestyle” has been identified as a protective factor against depression.

There “mediterranean lifestyleis more than just healthy eating. It also includes the typical lifestyle of these countries. That is, frequent exposure to the sun, regular contact with friends and regular physical activity.

The factors described above have been found to protect against the risk of developing depression and other mood disorders. Therefore, not only should one eat as they do in the Mediterranean, but it is also advisable to live by following the same habits that they have in these regions.

Improves cognitive performance

People with depression not only experience altered mood, but also report cognitive impairment. Especially in the most severe cases, people with depression often also have memory and concentration deficits.

The foods that make up the Mediterranean diet have properties that slow cognitive impairment. Oily fish, olive oil or nuts are the best examples of foods that take care of neurons, and therefore the health of the nervous system.

In this respect and according to a study carried out by the Complutense University of MadridNutrients such as polyunsaturated fatty acids, vitamins B6, B12 and antioxidants may play a role in reducing the risk of depression.

This is explained by the fact that these molecules improve the functioning of neurotransmitters, the fluidity of the membrane of neurons and the transport of glucose. This also affects the cognitive reserve of the brain.

Protects the gut microbiota

More and more professionals claim that the intestine is the second brain. What happens in the gut affects mood and vice versa, alterations in mood affect the gut.

Taking care of your diet also means taking care of your emotions directly. Therefore, it is advisable to give priority in the diet to foods that protect the gut microbiotaand hold back those who attack him.

All foods of natural origin and not passed through an industrial process will be the best options. Fortunately, if there is something that characterizes the Mediterranean diet, it is that it is composed mainly of vegetables, high quality proteins and unsaturated fats.

Gut microbiota affects mood.

Take care of your overall health by following the Mediterranean diet

Until now, only the effects of the Mediterranean diet on physical health were well known. Even so, the importance of mental health cannot be forgotten; And don’t lose sight of the strategies to deal with it.

It is true that the fight against depression does not depend only on the Mediterranean diet, but starting with this change is something very positive. A much more effective change is to change the lifestyle and practice the “Mediterranean lifestyle”.

Finally, the prevention of depression is a more interesting undertaking than the treatment itself. With this, the secondary problems associated with this disorder are eliminated, while the suffering of the person is avoided. Take note of this advice and stop looking for excuses not to change what you eat.

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