We tried Fueled Up, the game that can make friendships or break them forever

If you loved Overcooked and are looking forward to more games like it, pay attention to Fueled Up and its peculiar space odyssey. Because in this game your job is to keep a collapsing spaceship afloat. And if you do it with friends, even better. We’ve tried it before and I anticipate laughs are guaranteed.

In the video game industry, there is a paradigmatic case and that is Overcooked. It is unclear where to include it; it’s a ‘party game’but its grace is that there is no competition, but rather collaborate to be able to produce more dishes of food, the better it is with all that it entails: taking the ingredients, chopping them, cooking them, serving them and washing the dishes to continue preparing more and more dishes. Full of energy It’s a bet extremely similar to Overcooked but with a collapsing spaceship, a galactic octopus that seeks to interrupt our journey, and a cooperative essence that here too, acts as the heart of the work.

In Fueled Up, therefore, the objective is to keep a ship afloat during its journey through space and at 3DJuegos we have already had the opportunity to test it for a few hours, enjoying the first levels of this video game. As I said, the main task is to constantly fill the energy reservoirs, for which you need to charge a battery and plant it in the deposits. While we fight for it, the vehicle becomes a dwarf; out of nowhere they open cracks that, if they are not closed, they will increase the speed of the ship; they will fall meteorites that if they are not thrown, they will explode and release a slimy substance that will slow us down; and will happen smoke leaks which will reduce the visibility of the different areas.

Little by little, the levels increase in difficulty. At first, the energy containers are in a fixed place and you don’t have to do much more than open or close the doors, coordinating with your partner. Then these containers are in ribbons, obliging us to be attentive to its movement; where to appear valves that if we don’t close them – this is done by changing a battery, but it also requires understanding with other players – they will drag us into nothingness to become space debris.

With friends, fun is guaranteed

Very dynamic and fun to play but it’s a game designed for sneaking around with friendsFueled Up is very dynamic and fun to play, but it’s a game designed to rush you with friends. Each level is different and unique, with its challenges and new mechanics. In some, for example, halfway through the level, we cross a black hole it changes the position of batteries or hatches, while in others an octopus – not the baddest, another – uses its tentacles to cling to the ship and close off a transit route. Cooperation is therefore essential; to see who charges the batteries, who opens the doors and who plugs the holes.

With a fun theme and a different approach, we’ve seen Fueled Up before, but its arrival is well received. It is a purely cooperative work, in which the saying “divide and conquer” takes on more meaning than ever. It can be played alone, but it loses 90% of the fun; here the cool thing is to talk, to give orders, to receive them, not to comply because everything changes suddenly, to invent new strategies, to shout in the meantime because the octopus is coming and that we are running out of energy, plugging the holes, loading the tanks, laughing, laughing and laughing. That’s what the title is about: playing desperate games with friends and having fun and enjoying. Because that’s what video games are foreven if sometimes we forget along the way.

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