Twitch streamers inspire young people to play crypto

When we talk about random games, casinos there betting devices, we consider them to be intended for adults. However, the paradigm is changing, and now this type of game is increasingly reaching a younger audience. The fault of the section Slot machines of Ticwhere streamers play video games Paris con cryptocurrencies and the youth follow his example.

Some of the biggest streamers on Twitch have stopped uploading content since video game gameplayreplacing it with something more lucrative. And it is that many of these streamers offer content related to the world of betting. This category of Twitch, called Slots, is the seventh most viewed on the entire platform, showing the great success it has had. To give you an idea, it beat the viewers of many of the most popular games on Twitch, such as Fortnite oh Dota 2.

There are cases of 16 year olds losing thousands of dollars a month gambling

Twitch betting streamers for kids

The success of the Slots category on Twitch is doing a lot of damage to a vulnerable section of the population, the young people. We have like this, your favorite streamers who came to play a few games on League of Legends, value oh Minecraft, among other things, to play a much more adult and dangerous type of game, betting. And it is that, for the teenagersstreamers can model to follow.

As fans of them, many young people aspire to realize what they havebe yours streamer job or the the money they earn. And so, this dangerous combination appears, as these same Twitch streamers show off their big slot winnings on various betting sites. Moreover, on many occasions, they reach very high numbers with only a few draws, which creates among young people a false illusion of get money easily and quickly.

Thus, streamers of popular content encourage a large part of their audience, made up of young people, to do the same. Indeed, there are already cases of 16 years old what are they losing thousands of dollars per month in betting, after watching his favorite streamers do it. Moreover, it should be noted that this type of practice encourages pathological gambling or pathological gambling addiction. Therefore, it is extremely important to be aware of how dangerous the game is.

Twitch Slots Succeeds Through Deals With Crypto Gambling Sites

Twitch Slots Stake xQC Streamer

Here’s the biggest reason streamers stopped downloading video game-related content on console or PC and switched to gaming. And that’s what Twitch stars love xQC, trainwreckstv and others have signed up with sites cryptocurrency betting. In return, they promote this content to the public, popularizing the cryptocurrency game. Also, it doesn’t help that some of those big Twitch streamers, like Trainwreckstv (2 million followers), claim to have won more than 1 million dollars per month with those Agreements and slot machines.

Also, cryptocurrency gambling sites, such as Stakethey won 119 million dollars in one month after agreement with xQC. So, with the Slots category, streamers and crypto gaming sites see a gold mine, but the Twitch audience that succumbs to the temptation ends up losing money. However, they are not the only ones, as many streamers have been unlucky in these bets. We thus have Polishone of the most popular celebrities on Twitch with 11 million followerswho lost $164,000 in cryptocurrencies in only 139 seconds.

Well, it’s not just streamers on Twitch Slots, but also the popular Canadian rapper, Duckdecided to bet live under the name of StakeDrake. From a balance of $9 millionDrake bet on roulette between $300,000 and $1 million as they watched 56,000 people.

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