Throw your mouse out the window and navigate Windows with the Xbox controller

It’s quite common among fans of sports simulators on PC to use an Xbox controller. The reason is none other than the fact that it is completely Plug & Play, since it is a device manufactured by Microsoft. Well, know that you can use the Xbox Series X controller as an alternative to the mouse.

The mouse has its advantages in its usual use within Windows, it is quite agile and we are used to it. Surely it has happened to you that when you switch mice, you feel a little weird at first, but you adapt quickly. Well, you still want to try the experience of using the Xbox Series X controller.

Lots of options

The good thing about this remote is that it’s from Microsoft, so connecting to PC is very simple and doesn’t require third-party software or other settings. It is for this reason that many PC users choose to buy this controller to play titles like FIFA or F1. These are uncomfortable games to play with a keyboard and besides, many of us are already used to playing them with a controller.

An unknown function is that the Xbox controller It can be used like a mouse and much more. There is absolutely no need to do anything for this, it is factory programmed. This feature is present on the Xbox Series X controller and on Windows 10 and 11 operating systems.

Each button and joystick performs the following functions:

  • Right Stick: Allows you to move the cursor freely
  • RT: Does left click work
  • LT: Does right click work
  • Left Stick: This allows us in documents and web pages to move up and down in a window, and to move left and right. It would be a little more complete than the scroll
  • Directional Arrows button: It allows us to scroll a text in a simple way
  • Y button: Page advance function
  • X key: page return function
  • L button: In documents allows you to add spaces, like the spacebar on the keyboard
  • Button A: It allows us to make a line break, just like the Enter keyboard
  • RB + left stick: Allows the browser to go to the previous page (RB + Left Joystick) or go to the next page (RB + Right Joystick)
  • LB+Y: We scroll left between browser tabs
  • LB + X: Allows you to scroll right between browser tabs

These are the main functions, if you find other interesting functions, leave us in comments

He has a big problem

It’s not the same to use it every day, it’s true, but as a curiosity or if you’re going to change the game, it’s fun. But, it has one big drawback and that is that it cannot be customized. The Xbox Accessories app does not support controller reassignment. Yes, it allows changing one key for another, inverting axes and such, but not assigning additional functions.

It would be quite interesting to be able to create shortcuts with the command or combination of actions in different programs, like Photoshop or Premiere shortcuts. It would already be the bomb, to be able to use the remote control in addition. You can create shortcuts to the browser, Word, or anything you can think of. Hopefully in the future Microsoft will allow us to customize controller functions.

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