Three gorings in an eventful first bullfight at the Estella parties

Sánchez Vara left the place on the shoulders of Is she and he looked like a Caesar returning victorious from a battle. He had just cut three ears off a Reta bullfight and his petite figure grew bigger after winning the game on his bulls and fitting the faithful Torismo to the festive crowd that gathered on the banks of the Ega.

Along the way was a trail of wounded dressed in lights that had suffered a bullfight by Reta de Casta Navarra out of the tunnel of time. With bulls to tremble, bulls to shout and also bulls so that only one hero can triumph.

Without finishing the first bull’s banderilla third, the heads-up was lackluster when Reta took out ‘Chapurra’ from the burladero after a pair of Ángel Gómez Escorial. ‘Cooper’ hit it an exceptional horn who sent him straight to the hospital.

Sánchez Vara was able to get rid of the red effectively, thanks, among other things, to the fact that the bullfight somehow let himself be bitten. The Alcarreño shone there with marrow, in the first of the nineteenth-century gestures that cemented his triumph.

In the third he was powerfully present with the cape and after shining in a couple of power to the sounds of Agüero, the iron bullfighter of the Alcarria, dressed in lead and gold, was able to succeed against Reta with three naturals, two turns for the right piton and a few windlasses after changing the aid for the rapier. Apparently, it seems little, but doing it to this bull filled with emotion and euphoria certain lines that sometimes came back a century ago.

He killed with a risky back lunge the moment someone threw a firecracker, he picked up both ears and the bull from Reta, who had received a punch from the service picador and another shorter one from the one who made the door, was rewarded with the return to the ring.

In the fifth Sánchez Vara was able fight at medium size an animal close to being six years old and knocked him down with a searing thrust that sent him into the arena in less than ten seconds.

Everything else was a slide of emotions, risks, somersaults and disappointments as Imanol Sánchez took them, which ended up in the infirmary. Bulls that discouraged a bullfight wholeheartedly.

Because there is only one bullfighter in history who has cut off the ears of a Miguel Reta bull and that is Emperor Sánchez Vara.


Estella bullring, more than half of the entrance. The matador who exercised the exceptional Enrique Martínez ‘Chapurra’ received a goring of 25 centimeters in the right buttock that reached the rib cage in the third banderilla of the first bull, he was transferred to the University Hospital of Navarre. Imanol Sánchez received in the 4th bull a goring caused nerve damage with loss of sensitivity in the third and fourth fingers of the hand, passing to observation.

Subordinates Carlos Donaire and Javier Ortíz were treated for a slash and a stab in the groin area, respectively. In the banderillas of the 2nd bull, the subordinate Raúl Cervantes saluted.

Sánchez Vara left the square on the shoulders.

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