This secret O2 bonus keeps you from running out of internet

Unlimited data with O2 for the duration of the fault

We spend many hours in front of the mobile phone, whether for work or for entertainment. Both options consume battery and mobile data, a rare commodity when we do not have unlimited tariffs. There always comes a day when spending megabytes gets out of control and you end up paying, literally and metaphorically, the consequences: without data, lousy browsing speed or additional payment on our mobile bill.

Or even worse; when we’re browsing the internet…but a service outage leaves us offline. This is a reality that has happened many times, but now there is a good solution. it’s from O2the company of the Telefónica group that presents us with a more than ideal way to never miss the Internet.

Because yes; mobile data costs money. Entertainment, such as watching series on Netflix through our device, sending a WhatsApp message or consulting Twitter, Facebook or Instagram is what consumes the most mobile data. Despite the fact that more accessible unlimited data rates have been introduced, many users still have a limit that causes problems in delivering megabytes at the end of the month. The simplest solution would be to have unlimited data planthis is precisely what they offer us from O2.

How is this secret bonus of 02

This way what O2 will do is we compensate for the effects of your line with an additional bonus and for which obviously, you will not have to pay anything. It was the telephone company itself through its official blog which confirmed that now, any customer of the operator who has an outage on the Internet will have more gigabytes while the incident lasts.

As they explain, if this happens, while the technicians fix the problem, they want to continue ensuring that we can use the Internet regardless of the megabytes we consume. For this reason “we provide you with a bonus of unlimited data on all mobile lines associated with your fiber and mobile plan”, they mention.

Secret O2 Bonus Breakdown

Called a “secret bonus”, you don’t have to do anything to activate it; Or what amounts to the same? will be active from the moment you receive the SMS informing of its activation, and will be deactivate after 7 days. When everything is restored, the company will inform us again by SMS when the bonus has been deactivated.

If it lasts more than 24 hours, a discount will be made on your invoice

Moreover, at more than these free gigabytes, if the incidence lasts more than 24 hours, O2 will make a discount in invoice proportional to the days without service.

O2 was born on February 2, 2002, that is to say the 02/02/02, in a clear wink to the spelling that reproduces the visual identity of the telecom. Around this time, BT’s mobile business was spun off from the fixed business to adopt the mmO2 banner, then streamlined under the current name.

Telefónica will only announce the agreement to purchase this British company at the end of October 2005, in a record operation in the history of telecoms for a value of 26,000 million euros, which also included assets in Germany, in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ireland and the Isle of Man.

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