This is the Corvette Z06 LT6, the most powerful naturally aspirated V8 put into production

This atmospheric 5.5-liter V8 develops 680 horsepower

Its distinctive feature is the use of a flat-type crankshaft.

The car will hit the roads in 2023

The Corvette Z06 will arrive in 2023 with an atmospheric V8 engine that announces no less than 680 horsepower. This is the highest figure for a production engine of these characteristics, for which the Americans had to resort to certain techniques and concessions that greatly differentiate it from its predecessor, even beyond its central architecture.

New Corvette Z06 will land on the markets from next 2023 with a great claim under the arm, nothing less than the The most powerful naturally aspirated production V8 ever installed in a production vehicle. The engine is completely different, not only from the equivalent version of the previous generation, but also from the base C8.

This is so because the mechanic is largely shared with the C8.Rthe competition version which participates, among other things, in competitions such as the WEC with our national driver Antoine Garcia behind the wheel and served as a test bed for the final production model.


In we already have an article that more rigorously describes the differences between a flat crankshaft and a cross crankshaft. Let’s say, in short, that flat crankshafts have the masses distributed in such a way that they allow ‘breathe’ and revolutionize mechanics to faster and longer range -specifically in our case up to the 8,600 rpm– which leads directly to increase power developed. In addition, a much higher sound timbre characteristic of this crankshaft architecture is obtained.

It is a solution widely exploited by Italian brands such as Ferrari, but not so much by the Americans, having the old Shelby GT350 as an exception to the rule.


Another solution implemented is the incorporation of some additional valves in the intake duct. These, when opening and closing in conjunction with the rev range, generate some pressure pulses in the incoming air due to a phenomenon called “Helmholtz’s principle”. This increases the effective volume of the manifold assembly and an impressive 110% volumetric efficiencyas measured by the Society of Automotive Engineers, translating while wider torque curve than the base Corvette.

Differentiating key in its respect, the LT6 engine of the Z06 has a lubrication system by dry sump custom-built crankshaft with up to six oil pumps. The engineers also comment that the injectors for each cylinder are positioned next to the exhaust valve and facing the entrance portwhile the valve lift system frees itself from the usual hydraulic tappets to make use of elements used above all in the world of motorcycling, called ‘finger follower’ in English, which reduce weight and allow it to be adapted to the high rotational speeds of this mechanic.

But, how does all of the above translate? Let’s talk numbers: the resulting engine has 5.5 liters of displacement to offer a total of 680 horsepower. Compared to its predecessor, the C7 Z06, it offered 20 horsepower less for a heavier weight of 14 kilos than that of the LT6. The differences are even starker with the engine figures of the Basic C8 in hand: 177 additional horsepower for just one extra kilo. It is true that this new Z06 develops less torque than the previous one –625 Newton meters versus 884–, but that’s because it’s more geared towards being a dynamic, nimble and efficient track animal, a far cry from what has always been common to Bowling Green sports cars.


The car won’t arrive until 2023, although its production starts this summer, and you can choose both with a closed roof and with a convertible body. Prices, at least on American soil, will start at 78,000 euros at the exchange rate.

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