They create a humanoid diving robot to explore the bottom of the ocean

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The diving robot is already a reality. This is how a technology designed to analyze the seabed works in order to learn more about the marine fauna and flora.

The arrival of robotics has allowed us to take advantage of many innovations in recent years. To this, however, we must add the presence of a whole series of technological skills at the level of Software. Computer programs based on artificial intelligence are essential, above all, in these key elements to function as authentic humanoids. We have seen all kinds, but the one we present to you today It has a series of unique and differential qualities.

Can a humanoid robot dive underwater and operate as if it were a submarine? In the exploration tasks, there are a series of transport means or capsules that draw attention to his skills as a researcher. Conventionally called rovers, they allow you to descend very deeply, but the truth is that the people in the cabin can only contemplate what surrounds them without being able to leave said space. This new billing technology could.

So let’s see what are the keys behind what is already known as the robot diver, why it is an element that can be key in exploration and, of course, to what extent these types of innovations can make us believe that we are those who are thousands of meters below the surface. This is how OceanOneK, a project in which Stanford is involved, works.

The diving robot is a reality: it has a whole series of unique technologies

The robotic diver has become a key technology for understanding what the ocean floor looks like due to what it includes on its exoskeleton. Having copied the figure of the human being, OceaOneK is distinguished by an image that imitates the body of each of us. The result is amazing, since a total of 8 thrusters have been integrated independent in order to be able to exercise, each of them, its own function. The key behind this is that it can be easily moved through water.

As can be seen in the images, this project has been in development since 2014. This explains how we can currently count on a proposal of these characteristics. OceanOneK has gone through different stages of development and it is now possible to enjoy more realistic tests. In addition, it incorporates a 3D vision system to be able to manage its direction at any time with ease. The installation of robotic arms capable of making the person handling it “feel” is one of its latest innovations.

The use of the See-Thru AI algorithm is what will allow this technology to be a real humanoid robot, since the perception of the presence of water around will be lost. In this way, working in the depths will be easier. After all, the purpose of this technology is to obtain evidence from the depths. After all, there is still a significant portion of marine flora and fauna to be discovered due to a lack of sufficiently trained technology.

In the cabin, operation is very simple, since only a joystick will be needed to control the robotic arms, which is your main working tool. In this way, samples and all kinds of solutions can be obtained for further investigation. It is a robot that has managed to position itself as a technology with great potential.

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