the most common lifecycles in technology

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Although the use that is made of these products may be a fundamental factor, they all have a curse behind them.

what many call planned obsolescence and which seems to be a myth for manufacturers, turns out to be a concept much more real than we could imagine. Those technological devices who owns a drums inside to work they come with a date of appointment to stop doing it. Maybe you take really good care of your devices and they last longer than usual or maybe you’re messy and keep charging phones and headphones. Whatever you are, we invite you to discover the average life cycle of the most used items For all of us.

Know the possible date when some of your devices will transition to a better life

Know the possible date when some of your devices will transition to a better life

The death warrant of your devices: a date that marks a before and after

We could break down countless products into the following lines, but we believe that using a representative sample common devices will be more than enough to give you an idea of ​​the fragility of the useful life of our devices. Then we will show you the The cycles of life of a telephone portablenail Tabletand the computer portable listeners wireless, a electric bikeand Electric carnail game console and a device virtual reality. Keep in mind, as we mentioned earlier, that the Data they are always approximatebecause the use that is made of the products greatly influences their subsequent performance.


We start with one of Apple’s flagship products. This mobile phone, in its latest versions, claims to have the ability to bear until 500 charging cycles. As long as he username does not exceed the 80% battery capacity, the terminal must work correctly during 3 years. If you have a problem with this one, Apple offers a battery replacement service how much does it cost between 55 and 75 euros. By the way, from Urban Tecno we have already told you about what to do if your battery is swollen.

Amazon Fire HD 8

The amazon official tablet is one of the most recommended devices outside of the Apple ecosystem, although the information relating to their rounds the load is sufficient mysterious. Since he’s been with us for years, it seems his lifetime is reduced to 2/3 yearsalthough some users claim that it can withstand up to 5 years of continuous use. The company does not offer any type of service battery change.


One of the North American company’s reference computers has a battery that borders on perfectionnot only because of the amount of charging cycles who is able to bear 1,000 at 80% of its capacity, but also because it has a battery replacement serviceat the price of 149 euros on some models, up to 229 euros on Pro models.

If you want know the charging cycles on your Mac, just go to the apple icon in the menu bar, click About This Mac and enter system report. On the right side, find Feed and you can see the current cycle count.

Bose QC35

We are facing one of wireless headsets headband with Noise cancellation best-sellers on the market and it is not for less, given its general performance. In this case, the manufacturer indicates that its headphones support up to 500 charging cycleswith the famous 80% of capacity, which would become 5 years intensive use. Bose does not offer a battery replacement service and it seems that fixing them yourself is quite a hassle. Of course, with proper care, these headphones could last you up to 10 years.

VanMoof S3

The manufacturer of this exclusive and technological model of electric bike indicates that your vehicle can support up to 800 charging cyclesAl 70% of capacity, which would mean 5 year lifespan. that yes, the warranty policy of this company indicates that if in the first 3 years since its purchase, the battery degrades by below 70%the replacement will be covered by this warranty. Out of Warranty, change the batterywith the cost of the service, has a price of 400 euro about. Besides, if you want choose between an e-bike and an e-scooterour article might solve some questions for you.

Tesla Model Y

The electric car par excellence on the international scene bears the seal of Elon Musk’s company. It’s still early to know how long the batteries of the new models will last, but the estimated value of their lifetime around 15 years oldwhich would translate to 1,500 charge cycles and a distance that varies between 500,000 and 800,000 kilometers. Although there are no official data on battery replacement priceSome users ensure that it could be around $15,000.

nintendo switch

The video console of the Japanese company, hybrid between a traditional console and a portable console, has a lifetime of 3 years approximately, since the charging cycles that it can withstand under normal conditions are 800 to 80% of its capacity. There is no replacement service battery for the latest generation of Nintendo game consoles.

Meta Quest 2

Meta’s virtual reality device has an estimate of 500 load cycles at 80% capacity, which would mean using the product to 4 years with no apparent problems. Objective does not have a battery replacement service and it is difficult to change them yourself. In our experiencethe duration battery He did not changed throughout the last two yearswith a really interesting consistency.

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