The Mercadona liquid that disinfects your clothes while you wash them

Washing clothes is something essential that we must do for our health, but we have started doing this cleaning of our clothes more intensely and with more awareness since the time of the pandemic, because it was more than necessary disinfect the clothes very well to eliminate any virus or bacteria who could have fallen in. For this reason, more and more brands have begun to market, on the shelves of shopping centersproducts to clean the clothes inside the washing machine, which, in addition to washing them, disinfect them.

As expected, brands took advantage of the moment of social panic to put these products on sale at very high pricesbut fortunately mercadona It always thinks of its consumers and seeks the best for them, always with the best value for money on the market. For this reason, given the new situation of the cases that are currently arising with the fact that we move a lot more with the holidays, we recommend that you buy this disinfectant liquid for clothes from Mercadonabecause prevention is better than cure.

Mercadona disinfectant liquid for clothes

Beyond the normal cleaning that we must give to the clothes, which we usually do in the washing machine, we consider that you should also take advantage of the washes to disinfect your clothes against viruses and bacteriaand more since everything we have been through since March 2020. But don’t worry, doing this disinfection of clothes in the washing machine is very easy since, for example, there is this liquid disinfectant for clothes from Mercadona on the market , with which you can kill most all kinds of germswhich is great peace of mind when you put it back on.

Mercadona disinfectant liquid for fabrics
Disinfectant liquid for fabrics, photo: ©Mercadona

Basically, this liquid disinfectant for clothes from Mercadona is a textile disinfectant that It is used in addition to detergent. during washing. To mention some of the benefits of using this type of product to clean your clothes is that it allows you to sanitize the clothes without the need to put the washing machines at high temperatures, it eliminates bacteria and bad smells, it is suitable for both white and colored clothes, it leaves a very pleasant smell on clothes since it is perfumed, no bleach and you can use it on any type of garment and fabric without distinction.

As we told you a few lines above, the use of this fabric disinfectant liquid from Mercadona is very easy to use and in a few simple steps. First, know that you can use it alone or mixed with your usual fabric softener and that the only thing you would have to do would be to pour the detergent into the corresponding pack, add three capfuls of disinfectant liquid for Mercadona clothes in the fabric softener drawer and program the wash cycle in the washing machine you usually use in your washes to clean the clothes. Now all you have to do is wait for this cycle to end, take the clothes out and hang them up to dry. Yes, it’s that easy to sanitize your clothes against germs and viruses in your own regular washes.

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