The center of Malaga lives a bit of ‘Kaos’

It was eight o’clock in the morning when the movement began to be noticed in the Alameda de Colón. Although already in the previous days, some street decoration details, name changes in some businesses or parking restrictions anticipated what was to come. The big screen of the new Netflix series, ‘Kaos’, -which has been filming since July throughout the province of Malaga- took the stages of Alameda de Colón and Paseo del Parque during the day this Sunday August 7 with a team of around 250 people and 150 vehicles between lodges, equipment and catering, according to what the producer communicated to the inhabitants of the area. A full day of cinema in the center of Malaga.

Walking down the Alameda Principal, everything seemed normal, like any other Sunday, but already upon reaching the outskirts of Soho, the filming atmosphere was starting to kick in. A long line of trucks dedicated to lighting, decoration, sound, costumes and hundreds of details for the recording occupied the entire street of San Lorenzo from start to finish. Also some areas of Calle Barroso, Duquesa de Parcent, Linaje, Vendeja, Pinzón, Casas de Campos and Martínez Campos.

Part of the police team and the security group replied to whoever approached it: “Excuse me, you can’t pass through here.” But it was inevitable that a few onlookers crowded around the corners of the streets that led to the Alameda de Colón. This was where the action was, never better said.

A large line of cars in the triple lane of the street simulated a traffic jam and at the beginning of it one of the first scenes of the day was recorded between the police and some actors. Between the rows of cars they finished and cheered and smiled at each other – although they smacked each other for minutes – it looked like the right shot had come out. It could be verified that the series, as promised, has a lot of action through a modern take on Greek and Roman mythology with themes of gender politics, power and life in hell. ‘Kaos’ will have eight episodes created and written by Covell and directed by Georgi Banks-Davies.


C. Pinto

Meanwhile, the day passed around the check-in area and the arrival of the one who will be the protagonist of the series who plays Zeus, Jeff Goldblum (“Jurassic World”), was expected, even if it did not happen. produced at any time of the morning. for filming. “No, the famous is not there. He’s also not coming today,” some of the film crew replied to those who approached.

Others who approached the area had no idea what was going on: ‘Sorry, I have the apartment over there,’ said a group of young people full of suitcases who wanted to get to the Alameda of Colon. Meanwhile, others like Quino, a resident of Calle Cuarteles, came from his morning walk and had to take it longer than usual. “You must go around the street,” the security team warned him. Others like Lisardo, a resident of Calle Martínez Campos for more than 50 years, walked around knowing what was in the neighborhood: “Yesterday I saw the kiosk, beautiful. It’s amazing what they bring to the show; I don’t mind as a neighbor, I imagine it will be good for the city. Although there are the inconveniences of parking…”, he commented in one of the alleys of Soho. Some of the companies have even reached out to offer discounts to the show’s crew, such as Hanne and Levi of Levi Angelo Ice Cream Parlor.

When it was already mid-morning, the Netflix team decided to limit the area closest to the film set, which was around the La Deriva restaurant. The terrace had become the filming area most frequented by technicians, extras and workers from the Málaga company Fresco Film, which provides the “service” of the production companies Sister (“Chernobyl”) and Anthem. “Silence, motor and action”, were the most heard words in this area of ​​the recording, which is filmed in the capital with the collaboration of the municipal filming office of Malaga Film Office.


The most original details have caught the attention of those who are used to passing through the Alameda de Colón. On the corner of Calle Linaje, the Cajasur bank was still as it is, but turning towards Alameda de Colón, its window had become a completely different bank: ‘Onochhoe Bank’. Also, the detail of the new kiosk, called Zythos, was one of the most talked about decorative touches along with the jellies, magazines, newspapers and postcards it contained inside. ‘I love Zeus’ read between some of the kiosk elements. Just opposite, where the sign “Rue Casas de Campos” should have been, the production had placed the sign “Route de Rhada”.

The “traffic jam” of the shoot was not lacking in detail either. Greek plates on every car, vintage green taxis and designer vehicles. All accompanied by their drivers, like Aitana from Malaga, who during a break commented in the morning: “What you have to do is keep the cars stationary, they are not going to move during the scene” , revealed the young woman. . At 1:30 p.m., the restoration began so that the great Netflix team could recharge their batteries to continue the day of filming, which ended in the Paseo del Parque district when night was already beginning to fall.

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