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We wrap up the week’s news with the usual roundup we post on Sundays where we include the best content we’ve brought to you for the past seven days.

Upcoming Releases: August 2022 Games

The best games of August 2022. Chosen by a large majority as the holiday month, it is not the best of the year for the launch of video games. Of course, just because the pace drops doesn’t mean it stops. On the contrary, there are some expected titles.


GIGABYTE M32UC, review: big in size and features. A high-end monitor that presents itself as a natural evolution of the M32U, a model that was presented almost a year ago and which marked the starting point for the design of this 4K and 144 Hz model.

Six mistakes when buying a gaming laptop

How to avoid mistakes when choosing a gaming laptop. Buy a good laptop video game This can represent a significant investment. and for this reason we must be very careful when making a decision, since a mistake could lead us directly to making a bad purchase.

Newskill Fafnir

We analyze the Newskill Fafnir chair, design and quality at a good price. A mid-range chair that offers quality, robustness and ergonomics at a moderate price. Although focused on gaming, it can be used for both work and play.

Equivalent graphics cards and consoles

Equivalent graphics cards and consoles. The history of video game consoles is deeply linked to the evolution of graphics cards from the 2D of the 80s to today’s tremendously powerful 3D. We examine the equivalence between them.

Sand seller

News VOD 32/22: ‘Sandman’, the vigil of Morpheus. Our weekly series and movies bring you the best premieres every week on Netflix, HBO Max, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ and amid some great content today we highlight one of the most anticipated series on Netflix .

HDMI or DisplayPort on gaming PCs

HDMI vs DisplayPort in PC Gaming. To connect a personal computer to a display screen and feed it content, we need to use one of the industry standard interfaces. But speaking of games, which one is the most suitable?

Anonymous against Russia

Can Anonymous rewrite cyber warfare? Anonymous declared a full-scale cyberwar against Russia after the invasion of Ukraine. As the war continues, six months later, we analyze whether it has achieved the proposed objectives.

Frames per second and refresh rate in games. Frames per second have become the primary value for measuring game performance on a computer or video console. We tell you why it is important to improve performance.

Windows 10 Registry

How to Search the Windows Registry Effectively. A fundamental component of all Microsoft operating systems, since it completely controls the operation of a PC, but it is not intuitive. With RegScanner you can improve one of its sections: searches.

Other must-see MC content

In addition to the previous selection, the week has come a long way and we can highlight a few other items that we think you will enjoy:

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