The art was in charge of Daniel Luque in the afternoon of the poster of no tickets in El Puerto

Daniel Luque is set to become a fixture in El Puerto given his performances last season and this year. Yesterday saved the afternoon with a resounding task in which he placed the art that the Morantist contingent expected, fight very slowly and with humor to a bull whose Sevillian has chained the good game with the virtuosity of his crutch to the point of seeming worthy of a return to the ring in the flirt that nobody asked for.

Bullfighting is a value for El Puerto, you only had to see the atmosphere that reigned yesterday in the city, with these 13,000 enthusiasts and companions who embark on this cruise ship that docks on Calle Valdés on subscription days.

Up to three times the bullfighter Gerena raised the lines of their seats

But they are looking for quality, not a public place where everything that moves is returned and where ears are given. I haven’t seen more rides in my life than this year in El Puerto. When a flag bull comes out, they will have to reward it with an apartment in Valdelagrana. Daniel Luque, who is having an impressive professional moment. Enraged because his cowardly first cracked as soon as the powerful Gerenense crutch could, having to cut it short, he gave his all against the good fifth.

A bull that seemed to stop in the first sets for the aprons, applauded, and who the horse was pulled well even though the punch was a formality. Luque understood this perfectly, with the measured distance and measure the crutch at the beginning, with savor and softness with the left hand.

And the spectacle of a task began which lifted the audience up to three times from their seats with the signing of the band applauded. The series were alternated by the two pythons, with temperament and serenity until the explosion reached the line when he threw the assist for the luquesinas and the reverse windlass.

All soaked, with softness in the fabrics and with the delivery of the bull, the best of the loose. The final auction had a tricky bullfight costly bullfights and resounding lunge. A great triumph and a return to the ring in clamor

With Morante it couldn’t be. His first start ended in an overhand jump, a flaw that held the entire fight together. And this despite the fact that the professor -it was nice to see him- drawn by the profession and the sense of combat to correct the fault. The public recognized the unquestionable merit of his effort.

The fourth was a cracked starting bull with which neither the one from La Puebla nor no one with a ponytail could create a joba first cousin of the coward’s second.

rock king was able to succeed with the third, a bull that I was in danger on the left and with whom he was very good, subjugating and dominating until he was cheeky in a arrimón. But he ruined the trophy with spades. The sixth, pariah and bland but sometimes threatening, kept nothing inside and nothing happened. Daniel Luque had already broken the bank with expensive bullfights.

Technical sheet: Corrida summer subscription in the port

Cattle breeding: Bulls of Núñez del Cuvillocorrect in presentation and noble but weak playing overall, the first classless, the second cracked, the third manageable, the fourth also cracked, the fifth manageable rewarded with an unusual return to the ring and the sixth docile with danger


MORANTE DE LA PUEBLA nazareno and gold, crossed back and two pipings with notice (OVATION AND GREETINGS) and almost complete takeoff and two pipings (SILENCE).

DANIEL LUQUE with bottle and jet dress, slit (SILENCIO) and slit (TWO EAR). He came out on his shoulders.

ANDRES ROCA KING with tangerine and jet suit, two punctures and split with disarmament (GREETINGS) and split (PALMS OF FAREWELL)

INCIDENTS: Filled with the sign “no tickets” in a pleasant afternoon. welcomed after pairing the second Juan Contreras, as well as Raúl Caricol and Alberto Zayas in the fifth

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