the advantageous option that you did not know

The banana is known as one of fruits more beneficial for our body. It is above all the contribution of potassium what always stands out, but the truth is that it has many other beneficial properties, as it is able to improve blood sugar, promote kidney and heart health, fill you up and promote recovery after training . Added to all this is an advantage that you may not have known and which comes from the fact that eat banana in the evening.

eat banana at night

In addition to all that is mentioned, and thanks to the presence of fiber. The banana has properties laxativesand not only that, but it is also rich in antioxidants, magnesium, folic acid and vitamin C. All these aspects make banana one of the healthiest fruits, but Did you know it can also be beneficial in the evening before going to sleep? What is the reason ?

The bone sleeping problems are very common, especially now that the heat is not helping and that gives us no respite even at night. And disturbed sleep is certainly not the best way to face the day with energy and charge, especially if it is full of commitments. And if you are also suffering from the heat of this period, maybe find the solution by eating a simple banana.

It’s a natural remedy, simple and cheap: eat a banana before going to bed. As already mentioned, this fruit contains 34 mg of magnesium, an essential mineral for regulating the circadian rhythm. At the same time, magnesium is also able to promote the production of melatonin; a hormone that is produced immediately before sleeping but also during this process, and which serves to significantly reduce the time it takes to fall asleep, thus improving the quality of sleep.

Finally, magnesium too helps reduce the stress hormone (cortisone) in the blood, which can certainly affect bad rest. In addition to magnesium, bananas also provide tryptophan to the body. It is an amino acid that is absorbed through food because it is not produced by the body and which, according to a recent study, can improve the quality of sleep, consequently increasing the duration of rest and reducing awakenings nocturnal.

Not convinced that a banana at night can eliminate insomnia and other sleep disorders? If you don’t believe it try it and you will immediately notice the difference. However, it costs nothing!

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