The 15 worst Nintendo DS games you shouldn’t go anywhere with

Within its huge catalog, the Nintendo DS hides some of the worst games of industry history. As you’ll see below, the Big N’s dual-screen laptop had the dubious honor of receiving multiple proposals as daunting as they are forgettable. However, it is also true that he had many titles that are still fondly remembered today.

Thanks to its popularity, each company wanted its “piece of the pie”. For this reason, it was common that, despite the madness of ideas, developers would venture to create titles that seek to fit system users. And, for the same reason, many have had to come across experiences that fall far short of the minimum quality quota.

So, taking advantage of the fact that the Nintendo DS is one of the most loved consoles by Nintendo userswe wanted to collect the 15 worst games released on the console. In them, as you will see below, there is room for everything that can go wrong in a video game. And, despite this, they were able to reach the market and “fool” the overconfident casual user.

The 15 worst Nintendo DS games of all time

Elf Bowling 1 & 2 (Black Lantern Studios)

To date, there is no consensus on the —hypothetical— “worst Nintendo DS game”. However, if this has happened, it is highly likely that many authoritative voices would have pointed to this experience. Right now, Elf Bowling 1 & 2 has the dubious honor of being lowest rated laptop title. Or, also said in other words, its premise and gameplay are so horrible that, for many, it is impossible to choose which title of the collection is the worst. Bowling has never been so boring.

Source: VideoGaming4U

Paws & Claws Pet Resort (THQ)

Even a company like THQ, one of the most popular in the industry, is not able to escape a peak like this. At the height of pet games, the developer dared to launch an experience that took dogs and cats to a rest complex. The result, as we verified at the time and as we could see years later, was a boring and bland proposal that should never have seen the light of day. Fortunately, only a few were affected.

Chicken Sprout (FrontLine Studios)

Is it possible that a classic shooter under an hour is unbearably long? The short answer is yes”. The long answer, as some patients know, is “yes, the test is in Chicken Chicken“. In it, the premise of classics such as duck hunting and the gameplay was based on shooting the chickens that appeared on the screen. The problem, unfortunately, is that It was such a bad adventure that I couldn’t survive beyond two minutes of play..

Deal or no deal (Artefacts Studio)

A proof of the popularity of the Nintendo DS is the attempt of television programs to have their own adaptation. For him, Agree or disagree, the English television classic, didn’t want to miss the party. Unfortunately, unlike the original, here you can’t earn 1 million euros thanks to your decisions. And that, in the long run, means you have an experience that loses its freshness after playing a few games.

Source: VideoGaming4U

Happy Feet (artificial mind and movement)

This is a rather curious case. happy feet, the film, is an Oscar-winning film that has in its cast the voices of Hugh Jackman, Robin Williams and Nicole Kidman (among others). However, happy feetthe proposal for Nintendo DS, is one of the worst games in the system for the little that he took advantage of the console. So, in short, the result was a musical game that hardly dazzled users who dared to watch it. Curious fact: I was one of them.

Wiffle Ball (Skyworks Technologies)

If you’ve ever dreamed of being a baseball star, when you found out about Wiffle Ball you will cry your eyes out. In this one, you’ll go through different scenarios with a bat, realizing home runs no matter where you go. However, after barely a quarter of an hour of play, you will realize how bland and empty the Skyworks Technologies title is. For this reason, like the other examples mentioned, it has earned a spot on this list.

Homie Rollerz (Webfoot Technologies)

In case of Homie Rollerz it’s quite curious. For some strange reason, someone decided it was a good idea start title style Mario Kart full of gang members. The result, aside from being out of place in the Nintendo DS catalog, was a crude, uncharismatic experience that had little or nothing to do with those it was trying to emulate. In full fever of the nighta fad that enjoyed extreme popularity a few years ago, this game has crossed the market without too much pain or glory.

Source: IGN

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 – Challenge (n-Space)

As incredible as it may seem, there was a time when Call of Duty trusted Nintendo consoles. However, products such as the third installment of modern warfare for Nintendo DS are a sample of what they shouldn’t have done. Although there are defenders of the game, the reality is that this, in general, it’s an unforgettable experience which ultimately caused the franchise’s farewell to the systems of the Big N. However, over the years, rumors of a new alliance between the two.

Sudoku Mania (FrontLine Studios)

FrontLine Studios has the curious honor of being the first company that repeats itself in this top. So it seems that, far from being a coincidence, Chicken Chicken there Sudoku Mania These were not isolated cases. As incredible as it may seem, this company was able to do an experience as relaxing as sudoku puzzles become headaches. The fault, in addition to the poor performance of the game, was a series of shrill sounds that were a real punishment.

Thundercats (Skin)

When it was announced that Thundercatsthe mid-80s animation classic, reportedly getting an adaptation for the Nintendo DS, many followers burst with joy. Unfortunately, when they checked the result, they realized that the best thing would have been save this experience in the drawer of bad ideas. However, no one will ever be able to hide that there has been a deplorable adaptation of Thundercats for NintendoDS. On the other hand, in the opposite case, Nintendo has had better luck with the animation series of some of its licenses.

Source: VideoGaming4U

Ink Heart (Dreamcatcher Interactive)

“Adaptation after adaptation and I shoot because it’s my turn.” As in the previous example, there was a study that thought it would be a good idea start a game Ink heart for Nintendo DS. Unfortunately, it seems like they didn’t know how to predict that just as the movie failed, it’s quite possible the game did the same – especially if it was based on the tape. Certainly an example of a disaster that could have been avoided.

Bigfoot: collision course (destination software)

As a general rule, it is rare that a racing proposal is usually not well received. An example are the many titles of this genre released on Nintendo Switch, a system with a lot of variety in this aspect. However, the truth is that, as happened with Homie Rollerzthe lucky coin can land on the wrong side and give us results like Bigfoot: collision coursean unforgettable experience in which even monstrous cars do not escape widespread disaster.

Peter Jackson’s King Kong: the official movie game (Ubisoft Casablanca)

The case of adaptation King Kong of Peter Jackson is quite curious. In the cinema, the author’s proposal by the director of The Lord of the Rings there The Hobbit obtained raise over $500 million at the World level. In video games, and the case of the Nintendo DS is a perfect example, he couldn’t get back on his feet and nobody liked him. Considering the experience launched on the Big N laptop, little or nothing is surprising about it.

Source: IGN

My Little Pony: Pinkie Pie’s Party (THQ)

Almost on the horn, THQ repeats and signs one of the worst games ever released on Nintendo DS. In it, the player will be able to live several adventures in the skin of Pinkie Pie, one of the most popular characters of My little Pony. Unfortunately, like the other examples on this list, the title is so bad that nothing can save it from debacle. On a positive note, to try and save something we have that this is one of the most colorful games on the system.

The Sims 2: Apartment Pets (Full Fat)

According to pure statistics, a license as large as The Sims I had many ballots to be present in this top. With so many varied proposals, it only took one mistake to make it onto this list. For this reason, although the majority fairly approved, Apartment Animals could not be saved from burning and starred one of the most striking cases of the Nintendo DS. So you don’t see such a bad video game from one of the most popular licenses in the industry every day.

Source: RebelSims

And you, have you played one of our worst Nintendo DS games? Can you think of other examples that we may have overlooked? We read you in the comments.

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