Summary and goals of FC Barcelona

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Barça wins and convinces in the Joan Gamper Trophy, the last pre-season rehearsal before the start of the League

The Pedri-Lewandowski partnership has been inaugurated, a connection that promises to bring much joy to the Catalans

Last test before the start of the official season and I come back to a very red Spotify Camp Nou. Festive and family atmosphere, as usual, every summer the Trofeu Joan Gamper is held. Presentation of the team with three big winners for the fans in the battle of the decibels: Xavi Hernández, Pedri and Lewandowski; but also on the green. In white and in the opposing team – what life has – Dani Alves, played with the Pumas of Mexico in what served as the heartfelt tribute that a legend of his caliber deserves.


57th Joan Gamper Trophy





Ter Stegen (Father Rock, 61′); Sergi Roberto (Dest, 61′), Araujo (Kounde, 61′), Eric (Pique, 45′), Balde (Jordi Alba, 45′); Busquets (Nico, 45′), Gavi (Kessie, 45′), Pedri (De Jong, 45′); Dembele (Aubameyang, 45′), Lewandowski (Memphis, 61′) and Raphinha (Ansu Fati, 45′).


Julio Gonzalez (Gil Alcalá, 89′); Bennevendo (Galindo, 45′), Ortiz, Freire (Montejano, 89′), Aldrete (Jeromo Rodriguez, 60′); Fig Meritao (Caicedo, 89′), Dani Alves (Marco Garcia, 60′), Leonel Lopez (Carlos Gutierrez, 45′); Salvio (Efrain Velarde, 68′), Dinneno (Diogo de Oliveira, 60′) and Del Prete (Garden, 68′).


1-0, Lewandowski (3′); 2-0, Pédri (5′); 3-0, Dembele (10′); 4-0, Pédri (19′); 5-0, Aubameyang (49′); 6-0, De Jong (83rd).


Jose Maria Sanchez Martinez (Murcian committee). AT: Gavi (21′).


57th edition of the Joan Gamper Trophy, played at Spotify Camp Nou in front of 83,021 spectators.

With Neto out due to his Bournemouth transfer announced an hour before the start of the match, in addition to Umtiti to spare himself the fan whistle while he resolves his departure – not like Braithwaite who dared to jump on the ground and be the only boo-; Xavi put all the meat on the grill with rotations on the sides: Sergi Roberto on the right lane and Balde on the left. . . . Dembélé and Raphinha were chosen to assist Lewandowski.

Deadly connection Tenerife-Poland

The local party moved to the field. The most cheered before the game were the protagonists when the referee signaled the start of it. Not even five minutes had been played when the Pole and the Tenerife player had already drilled the visitor’s goal. Lewandowski was able to make his Blaugrana debut after countless attempts during the North American tour. Cut on the bottom line and pull to the bottom of the stitches without angle. ‘Lewy’ returned the favor to Pedri who, a minute later and after a fine cut over Julio González, netted the second.

Dembélé joined the party moments later, after receiving a leather from Raphinha and breaking it down by the short stick, where it hurts the keeper the most. The Brazilian and the French understand each other and are perfectly compatible. Blessed Xavi problem to field three forwards in every game.

And blessed is the discovery of Lewandowski with Pedri. The partnership between the ‘8’ and the ‘9’ Blaugrana is inaugurated. They had already met on the first and second goals of the evening. But the fourth deserves a few separate lines. Eric breaks the line with a pass and Robert first assists with his heel without a mirror, so that the ‘muyayo’ scores his double before, again, cutting before shooting. 14 years and almost 5,000 kilometers separate Tegueste from Warsaw, but Barcelona and 2022 seem to have linked them forever.

Without letting go of the accelerator

Turn in the second half for the second unit. In this Barça, ownership is very expensive and the vast wardrobe allows for endless variables. Pique, Jordi Alba, Nico, De Jong, Kessie, Aubameyang and Ansu Fati in shorts after the break. You will tell me.

The African duo were responsible for creating the fifth goal. The Ivorian Kessie came from second in the right lane to assist the Gabonese Aubameyang. First shot and inside. Pierre-Emerick questioned Samson by showing that scoring is still his forte, even without his long top.

Opening night and farewell?

Half an hour for Kounde, who started with the Blaugrana jersey and also Iñaki Peña, who made his debut defending the Barça shield at the Camp Nou. Xavi also brought in Dest and Memphis with the ’25’ on his back, inherited from Aubameyang, after the club’s decision to give Lewandowski the ‘9’.

Fans celebrated the sixth of the night as if it were a goal in a final. Between the wave and the festival of “flash” with the mobile, De Jong recovered a leather in three quarters, advanced meters and was unforgiving in one-on-one. Mischievous smile from the Dutchman, who pursues his future in the air. The Mexicans were able to avoid the goal of honor, but between Iñaki Peña and Kessie they prevented the opening of the lock on the Blaugrana goal.

Highlight the pressure after defeat, the quick adaptation of newcomers and the efficiency in front of goal; coveted last season. And yes, you have to contextualize that this is a pre-season friendly match. And also, the level of the Pumas is significantly lower than that of the Blaugrana. But this Barça feeds – and how – before starting in official competition next Saturday 13 against Rayo Vallecano from 9 p.m. at the Stadium. Only time will tell if this is the start of a great story.

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