Sting ‘bursts’ Castrelos, who saw his biggest crowd in a historic concert

Two years after the date originally scheduled for Sting’s concert in Vigo, expectations were high for the performance of the British singer who, at 71, gave a master class on hits on the Castrelos stage.

The former frontman of the already iconic British group The Police came to town with his “My Songs” tour, the same title as a book already published in 2019 in which he reinvented his best-known songs from both his solo repertoire and with the group with which he became famous. In this way, her performance yesterday served as a musical celebration of her entire career. Yesterday was one of the liveliest nights in Castrelos. The 5,000 tickets in the payment area were sold, to which was added the public who filled all the stands, including the low visibility areas and those surrounding the Pazo.

As soon as he took the stage after the presentation of Abel Caballero, who in a moment of emotion managed to get up to 80,000 people in the room, Sting began to play the bass line from “Message In A Bottle”, a 1979 classic with The Police that sounded just as energetic as when it was released. Using a small stand-less wireless microphone, the British singer was able to move freely around the stage, entertaining the audience almost as if he were giving an acoustic concert, singing for the thousands of people and visitors to Vigo. who attended the event.

Sting was fluent in Spanish, sometimes even singing in that language. After finishing the first songs, he took the opportunity to present the group that accompanied him and greet the public by ensuring. “I am very happy to be here with you, this is the first time I have come to Vigo”, assured the British singer.

During the show, some of his best-known solo songs such as “Englishman in New York” or “Fields of Gold” were also present. However, the most popular songs were other classics of The Police such as “Every Breath You Take” or “Rosanne”, with which he opened the encore after the insistent applause of the public and showed the good state of preservation of his voice. Finally Sting said goodbye to the people of Vigo with “Fragile”.

Hand in hand on stage with his son Joe Sumner

Before Sting’s performance, the public waiting at Castrelos was able to listen to the music of Joe Sumner, son of Sting himself, who opened the concert at the express request of his father. Joe Sumner also plays bass and fronted a band, Fiction Plane, with whom he opened for The Police on their 2007 reunion tour. Also moving between the boundaries of pop and rock, Sumner has released four albums with this group of this part of the acoustics the repertoire he was playing yesterday before taking over from his father came out.However, the two shared the stage later since during his concert, Sting recalled his son on stage to perform a song together, more precisely “King of Pain” by The Police, proof to all those present of the good harmony between the two.

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