Spain lacks ice and the situation could worsen in the coming days

For a few days, Spanish supermarkets, bars or restaurants are suffering from a shortage of ice cream.

The raise of energy prices in recent months, rising prices at a general level and strong demand this summer are the factors causing this problem.

The reserves available to the companies that make the ice cream were already lower this year due to the high costs of raw materials and energy. The bone producers explain that everything fails in the chain: the price of plastic, essential for its packaging, has exploded. And not least, of course, the increase in fuel, used for transport, and electricity, which accounts for more than 80% of ice production. Given these high costs, most manufacturers found it almost impossible to store the product during the cold months.

But it’s that, In addition to the decline in reserves, the factories of ice face increased demand. The three the heat waves that Spain has experienced since the beginning of June, the continuous and relentless operations do not seem to have helped to calm this consumer need either.

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Demand exceeds supply, and the best solution to ensure that stores do not run out of ice cream is to rationalize their sale. As collected from 65 and over ISpanish supermarkets say demand has increased by up to 30% due to high temperatures, which translates into more citizens and establishments requesting this product. For this reason, in some supermarkets it is already almost impossible to find bags of ice.

The worst is yet to come

In the declarations to the EFE the general manager of Procubitos Europe, Fernando Plazas, (the largest producer of ice cubes in Spain) demand has soared to 8 million kilos per day and with almost no ice stored there is only the capacity to supply 2 million kilos per day which is going to be produced.

And the situation will continue in the coming days. “Next week is going to be criminal” regarding the absence of this contribution. There is ice, but less than the market needs,” says Plazas, adding that “almost no one anticipated this increase in demand.”

“Unfortunately, it looks like there is going to be a heat wave throughout August and I believe it won’t calm down until the first week of September,” commented the Procubitos manager.

Rationalization in supermarkets

Supermarkets have been forced to limit the purchase of ice packs so that a shortage situation does not occur.

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ice bucket

Some supermarkets, like mercadona, limits the sale of this product to 5 bags per user or one bag of ice. In this way, they guarantee more inventory for customers and avoid shortages.

It is a widespread problem throughout the country which is not limited to only tourist areas. Even if the reactivation of tourism, after 2 years of pandemic and confinement of all social life, has not helped either.

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