Six Great RPGs That Are On Sale On The PS Store And You Can Get For Under $6

You can’t deny it the PS4 and PS5 catalogs They count with great role playing gamesadventures that will give you hundreds of hours of gameplay and can end your social life.

This is great news, because it’s summer and we have more free time than ever. If you want to release a new game on your PlayStation and you love RPGs, you’ve come to the right place.

The new PS Store summer sale is packed full of great titles. This time we bring you a list of six RPG masterpieces which, in turn, differ from each other in theme, playable mechanics, and story.


Mortal Shell – Release Date Trailer

It doesn’t matter if you prefer a western RPG or an old JRPG. Find in this report the top of the top of the genre, compatible PS4/PS5 and especially with many hours of play to offer you.

And best of all is its price. Not all but some of them are available for less than 6 euros on the PS Store. Well, nice and cheap, as they say. Let’s see what these titles are made of.

Without further ado, we offer you these RPG masterpieces for your PlayStation, and some of them can be obtained for less than 6 euros. Take advantage of summer offers and treat yourself as God intended.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The Witcher's Wild Hunt 3

The Adventures of Geralt de Riv are always a great option. The Witcher 3 is one of the best Western RPGs in history, which was a boom for El Brujo and for studio CD Projekt. You can expect an excellent dark fantasy story, tons of quests and a huge open world in front of you.

The big news is that The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt is available for less than 6 euros on the PS Store. you just have to pay €5.99 to get it, which is a ridiculous amount if you take into account the number of hours it gives you.

Alternatively, you can get the GOTY edition of the game, which can be purchased for 9.99 euros. It includes both expansions released for The Witcher 3, so don’t hesitate for a second.

dark souls 2

dark souls 2

Soul lovers are in luck. If you can’t get enough of Elden Ring, you should definitely give Dark Souls 2 a try. FromSoftware’s action-RPG is available at its lowest ever price on the PS Store, which is a pretty compelling argument. for your purchase.

Dark Souls 2 Scholar of the First Sin this is the final version of the game, including all DLC released to date, 60fps performance and a host of new challenges. For example, there is a mode that changes the position of enemies and objects.

you can get with Dark Souls 2 Scholar of the First Sin for only 4.99 euros. Or less than 5 euros for one of the great RPGs in the PS4 and PS5 catalog.

personas 5

Royal 5 person

If you like JRPGs or Japanese themed RPGs, personas 5 It’s a dream come true. It will be even if you don’t like the genre. We are talking about a masterpiece that will surprise you in its continuous cycle of hours of play (more than 100) since you try it for the first time.

In the PS Store you can get Person 5: Ultimate Edition for 19.99 euros. It’s not such a low price, but believe us when we say it will be worth it. This edition includes the base game and a series of additional elements.

For now the Royal version (which is in Spanish and contains all DLC) not for sale. Either way, check the PS Store often, as it’s gotten very, very low.

dragon age inquisition

dragon age inquisition

Bioware is one of the biggest specialists in the RPG genre. If with Mass Effect they fell in love with science fiction fans, with Dragon Age they reached the eternal love of the usual dark fantasy. One thing is beyond doubt: dragon age inquisition is one of the best of its kind.

And we’re not talking about the base game, but from the Game of the Year edition. This version includes the base game and the expansions Maw of Hakkon, The Descent and Trespasser. You can get this great game for just €7.79 a PS store.

If you like role-playing games and dark fantasy, here is an adventure for many, many months. And the years pass wonderfully.



be careful, because Greed is available at the lowest historical price. Yes, as you hear it. The Spiders RPG (which will soon get a sequel) is heavily discounted on the PS Store. But let’s go in parts: do you know the history of Greedfall? Here, you won’t just find fights; There is much more…

Greedfall is a complete RPG that immerses you in a dark fantasy world. Complete missions, get better skills, gain the trust of your people, be a tyrant or use diplomacy in your favor. The title of Spiders is a real marvel.

You can get Greedfall Gold Edition (the edition that includes expansions and DLCs) for €13.99 on PSStore. Don’t hesitate: it’s a godsend.

Deadly Shell

Deadly Shell

in love with soul-like have other options besides FromSoftware. We know that Demon’s Souls, Dark Souls, Bloodborne or Elden Ring are great games, but there are very interesting options in the genre. Deadly ShellCold Symmetry’s work is one of them.

With humanity on the brink of extinction and terrible beasts roaming free, a mysterious warrior must explore the ruins for answers…and find the hidden shrines of devotees. If you’re a Dark Souls fan, you’ll love Mortal Shell.

In the PS Store, you can get Mortal Shell for just €11.99…and the Enhanced Edition (optimized for PS5) is available for the same price (8.99 euros if you subscribe to PS Plus). Feel free to give it a try if you like the genre.

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If you like role-playing games and are looking for a new game on your PlayStation, you have here the 6 best options available today on the PS Store. You won’t be able to resist its charms.

Which of these offers appeals to you the most? Take advantage and get them before the PS Store summer sale ends. There are even some that will get next-gen updates soon, so don’t miss your chance.

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