Rosalía reveals her footballing past with her sister: ‘We were founding members’

Rosalie she is the artist of the moment not only because of her international tour ‘Motomami World Tour‘, who ended his stay in Spain on August 1 in Palma, but for his new single ‘despise‘. A song with which the Catalan singer made the best debut of a spanish artist alone on Spotify.

We talk a lot about his music and now about his show. But if there is something that also stands out from that of Sant Esteve Sesrovires (Barcelona), it is its proximity there natural. Some qualities that the young woman of 29 years spotlighted with his appearance on the podcast ‘The rooster and the quinqui’where he performed in a relaxed gathering accompanied by her sister and stylist Pilar Vila Tobellawhom he calls Pili.

Rosalía and Pilar Tobella in 'La pija y la quinqui'.

Rosalía and Pilar Tobella in ‘La pija y la quinqui’.


During the meeting, in which some snacks and white wine were not missing, Rosalía and Pili spoke with Carlos Peguer there Husband Angeles of a myriad of topics both from his personal life as professional. And they did it with humor, sincerity and revealing the great complicity that exists between the sisters.

In this way, the guests referenced the already iconic grimace before performing ‘little cake‘, revealed what a motomami does when ‘sick’ or listed some of the series that marked his childhood, many of which have been dubbed into Catalan. ‘Sailor Moon‘, ‘Skins‘, ‘Friends‘, ‘Sakura‘, ‘Doraemon‘, ‘Digimon‘oh’olive tree and benji‘ are part of.

Rosalía and Pilar Tobella in 'La pija y la quinqui'.

Rosalía and Pilar Tobella in ‘La pija y la quinqui’.


The football past of Rosalía and Pilar

But there is even more. And it is that Rosalía and Pilar have also revealed that they have an unknown football past. “It’s that she and I played in a futsal team“, dropped the singer. “The first women’s futsal team in our city“, pointed out the stylist. “We can really be proud to be founding members”, added Rosalía, unable to contain her laughter.

You were up front and I was in defense. And it’s a metaphor for our life. I always say“, then commented Pilar. “It’s true, it’s true. I’ve always liked going to score,” assured Rosalía.

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The graduation project (TFG) with which Rosalía changed her life

During the interview they also mentioned Rosalía’s scene as a student. The Catalan artist was not a very good student until she started her music studios. “made chops“, her sister betrayed her.

His life would change radically with his Graduation project (TFG), the latest challenge that university students must face to complete their studies. From Rosalía he came out ‘The bad will‘ (2018), are second studio album and the one who catapulted her to the famous.

Cover of 'El Mal Querer', Rosalía's second studio album.

Cover of ‘El Mal Querer’, Rosalía’s second studio album.


“With my TFG I said to myself: ‘I’m going to make an album, I’m not going to waste my time here. I did what would be the idea to stage the album. So to do the directing, I needed music and I got smart to do it,” he shared about it at the rally.

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