Rolls-Royce chooses the Côte d’Azur to refine its first electric

The good lumber company has developed a sensational test program to fine-tune its future Rolls-Royce Specter. The first electric car from the British firm is now waddling in the south of France, on roads where its future and happy owners will be able to take advantage of it.

Rolls-Royce has two excellent reasons to refine its first electric vehicle on the French Riviera. The first of them is called Miramas which, as you know, is an extraordinary vehicle development center.. Located just three hours by car from the elite of Saint-Tropez, its facilities are home to test tracks of all kinds and even different wind tunnels.

The Côte d’Azur, the paradise where many Rolls-Royces land

The second reason to drive on these roads with your future Rolls-Royce Specter is precisely because they will put an end to many those electric coupes. And it is that it only makes sense to test a development vehicle in one of the most luxurious places in the world, if many of them end up there.

“This electric super coupe will be the first all-electric super luxury car with a base continental tourer in its offering,” writes Rolls-Royce. “The French Riviera and its roads present a perfect mix of the types of conditions that Specter customers will demand, ranging from technical coastal routes to faster inland routes.”

Rolls-Royce has developed a program with 2.5 million test kilometers

Camouflaged Rolls-Royce Spectre.  Forward moving image.

The development program generated by the British company for its Specter foresees more than 2.5 million kilometers of tests. And it’s that Rolls-Royce says it’s not just its first electric of the modern era, but also the most advanced car they’ve created in their long career.. And so that nothing escapes them, 141,200 sensors have been installed in its architecture. That’s three times more than any other brand development vehicle.

With all this, much more data of all kinds is received, which will be transferred to the production units. In this way faster reaction times on the road and a more luxurious ride are promised. So much so that it allowed Rolls-Royce to develop a new suspension system for its Spectre, which they are fine-tuning on the French Riviera.

Hides the most advanced suspensions created by the British house

Camouflaged Rolls-Royce Spectre.  Rear moving image.

All of the sensors hidden by the UK’s first house electric make the Flagbearer system read absolutely everything. In this everything is the surface of the road, the turns that await us… With this information, the stabilizer bars can even be disconnected when driving on straight sections to optimally filter out unevenness in the asphalt.. But as the Specter approaches a corner, the stabilizers re-engage, as do the shocks stiffen and the four-wheel steering system engages to make cornering precise, smooth and fluid.

This is certainly a good trick to optimize the comfort of the Rolls-Royce Spectre. But you won’t be the only one, because Goodwood says it has designed the stiffest platform ever. Made of aluminum, it has steel reinforcements to increase torsional rigidity. In addition, its battery pack is integrated into the structure of the vehicle, to also increase this rigidity.

It promises a Cx of only 0.25

Camouflaged Rolls-Royce Spectre.  Lateral motion image.

Another aid to achieving this goal are the aluminum body sections. They are the largest in the history of Rolls-Royce. The side panel extends from the A-pillar to the rear lights and is four meters long. The doors are frameless and are almost 1.5 meters long. They are also the largest ever made by the British house in its 118-year history.

It was precisely in the Miramas facilities that the aerodynamics of the first Rolls-Royce electric vehicle was tested. The British firm’s engineers sculpted a coupe-shaped body for this vehicle which aimed to offer a Cd of just 0.26.. However, after these tests in the Miramas wind tunnel, they discovered that their final figure was even better: 0.25.

Rolls-Royce engineers will cover 625,000 kilometers on the roads of France in their test phase. But they still have a million miles to go around the world before they have this majestic electric coupe ready., which they hope to be able to deliver to their customers by the end of next year. And then you can take it along the Côte d’Azur to enjoy the excellence of Goodwood’s first electric.

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