Real succumb to a much more successful Madrid

Real Sociedad had no chance of winning the Sentimiento Cup at any time in the final played in Tajonar, and lost 0-3 to Real Madrid in an uneven game that was decided in the first half hour. The realists lacked football, filming, but above all, the 14 players from the first team who were not there. The 12 most famous victims Jensen and Allegrawho after playing the semi-final did not participate in the appeal. Nathalie Arroyo he withdrew from the branch and, despite the effort, it was not enough to match forces with the white team. Despite everything, they managed to face each other in the second part with only Specht, Iris and Maddi of the first team.

Real Madrid were the absolute dominators of the match and could even have scored a few more goals. But it is that the white team, in addition to being a constellation of stars who played very well, had practically their entire team complete, being able to make seven changes in the eleven compared to Friday’s semi-final, without having to put anyone from the subsidiary.

Quickly the meringues advanced thanks to the Spanish international Estherwho is already with her teammates, when in the third minute she beat The wave unopposed after a ball error outside the realistic defense. La Real barely passed the center of the field and the sensations were not very flattering. The losses of Olatz, Specht or Aparicio when the ball was released, it happened too often and, in the face of Madrid’s great pressure and the enormous speed of their attackers, the chances constantly presented themselves. It was in the 27th minute that threshold scored the 0-2 after another giveaway when the ball went out which allowed Esther leave the goal to white ’11’.

He couldn’t repair these losses Nathalie Arroyo in the hydration break, and it was also 0-3 instantly. Badly defended corner that turns into a goal Dew, alone, at the second post after the combing of a companion at the first. It wasn’t until minute 32 that Real’s first attacking action came, with Inza walk on the bottom line and Mine is Eizagirrewho barely touched two or three balls, shot low at the short post, but Misa diverted to the corner.

The second half had less story, pace and interest but Natalie wanted to do some tests, like putting Material of pivot and Iris of central next to Specht. Madrid continued their rotation and changed almost the entire squad in ten minutes, bringing in players at the level of Ivana, Nahikari, Moller, Abelleira or the old realist Lucy. La Real competed well in the second half despite losing the leaders bit by bit, and added shooting minutes in what is still the second game of the pre-season.

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