premieres in the week of August 8 to 14, 2022

We close the Sunday review at raw video-on-demand platforms with netflixa service which for the week of August 8 to 14 has reserved a good batch of firsts for us.

These days we will have the third season of Locke and Key, where the Locke brothers will face the one who was at the origin of the beginning of their family history and their tradition of making magic keys. We will also attend the premieres of Day shift, where Jamie Foxx plays a father who hides his real job behind the facade of a pool cleaner: vampire killer. Two examples of what awaits us netflixof which we leave below the complete list in chronological order.

Netflix: Day Shift, Locke and Key S3 and other previews in the week of August 8 to 14 1

premieres of the week

August 9

  • Code: Emperor
  • The Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Movie

After the success of the popular Nickelodeon series, Raphael, Michelangelo, Leonardo and Donatello are back in action with their teenage pranksters in this hilarious do-it-all adventure. The Turtles face their toughest challenge ever when Casey Jones, a mysterious stranger from the future, warns the brothers of an impending invasion by the galaxy’s most dangerous alien species: the Krang! Will they be up to the task? Will they be the heroes they were meant to be…or will their carefree attitude betray them?

  • I just killed my father

I Just Killed My Dad is an unprecedented docuseries that tells the incredible untold story of the Templet family. Anthony Templet shot his father and never denied it. But his motivations were very complex, with profound implications that extend far beyond the family environment. This three-part docuseries examines Anthony’s mind and how the events of June 3, 2019 unfolded, as well as the psychological and emotional consequences.

August 10

As the Locke family uncovers more magic at the Key House, a new threat – the most dangerous yet – looms over Matheson…and with plans for the keys of its own. Carlton Cuse (Lost, Bates Motel) and Meredith Averill (The Haunting of Hill House), presenting “Locke & Key,” a coming-of-age mystery that tackles themes of love, loss, and the inseparable bonds that define a family. Netflix’s “Locke & Key” series is the TV adaptation of the best-selling comic books by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez published by IDW Entertainment.

Mumbai’s best matchmaker’s job is never done! Sima Taparia returns with 8 new one-hour episodes for the second season of ‘Indian Matchmaking’, in which she helps single millennials around the world find the perfect match. This season, Sima has to face more expectations than ever from a new and old clientele, with the most varied desires: from men with knots and a “lacto-ovo-semi-vegetarian” diet to a shared love of Taco Bell. Guided by her decades of experience, her insightful intuition and her traditional methods, Sima seeks to help several lucky single people find their destiny.

  • Bank Robbers: The Last Big Heist
All Netflix Releases for August 2022: Sandman, Locke & Key S3, Day Shift and More 1

The Thieves: the true story of the robbery of the century, the documentary film directed by Matías Gueilburt and produced by Sebastián Gamba and Julian Rousso, the team behind Vilas: You will be what you should be or you will be nothing there The days of Ayotzinapa, reveals through exclusive interviews how Argentina’s most famous bank robbery was perpetrated. In 2006, a group of men broke into a bank in Buenos Aires, took 23 hostages, stole millions of dollars and jewelry from safe deposit boxes, then disappeared. After the escape, the ex-wife of one of the robbers betrayed the perpetrators, who were tried and sentenced to prison terms. Finally the penalties were reduced and today they are free. How did the protagonists of this fact get away with it? In this revealing documentary, those responsible for the act recount all the details of producing the perfect hit.

Netflix: Day Shift, Locke and Key S3 and other previews in the week of August 8 to 14 2

God created the human being. Seeing that he was bored, he sent the Doms, a multi-talented tribe of nomadic gypsies. Pyroz is one of them. He plays the violin and travels with his brothers from town to town to perform at weddings and funerals. Piroz falls in love with Sümbül, the bride at a wedding where they play. Sümbül has a crush on Piroz and they get into a song they both thought they knew. The wedding ends in a tragic fight between their families. Now Sümbül is an unwanted wife who must be suppressed. Piroz begins a fight to save his beloved and his tribe becomes his greatest support. Piroz kidnaps Sümbül and takes him to his nomadic village. Sümbül’s family does not accept the situation and rises in arms to recover it. Piroz has no intention of giving up. His father, Mirze, who was once in the same situation, is his great ally. When Lord Seymen tightens the fence to hunt down Piroz and Sümbül, the tribe crosses a large river with all their possessions in tow to drive the village away. As soon as Mirze is sure that his son will live happily with his beloved, he stays behind to confront the bad guys with his violin and his songs of steel.

Danielle Brooks presents “House to House”: a show half home improvement, half movie theft! A group of families will experience the surprise of their lives when their homes undergo such a drastic transformation that they become stunning homes…and in just one day!

August 11

  • My Lifeline: The Leo Baker Story

A gritty, immersive feature film that follows competitive skateboarding icon Leo Baker as he approaches the 2020 Olympics. As he increasingly grapples with the challenges and growing disconnect between the way the world sees him and who knows he is himself, the pressure to stay the course or be true to himself reaches a tipping point that defines his career and his life. stay on board it’s Leo’s journey that balances the gendered world of sport, transition, society and skate culture, ultimately leading him to the most punk imaginable.

August 12

This crime thriller stars Dong-ha, an ordinary guy whose family is in financial trouble and whose marriage is on the verge of divorce. But when he discovers a lot of money linked to a murder, he ends up getting involved in a criminal organization.

In the coming-of-age comedy “Never Have I Ever,” Indian-American teenager Devi (Maitreyi Ramakrishnan) continues to deal with the daily pressures of high school and domestic dramas while finding herself embroiled in new relationships. in love. Mindy Kaling is the creator and executive producer of Never Have I Ever, with Lang Fisher serving as executive producer, showrunner and writer.

Following his parents’ divorce, 12-year-old Evan Goldman (Eli Golden) leaves New York with his mother, Jessica (Debra Messing). His bar mitzvah is fast approaching, but the separation from his friends, his father (Peter Hermann) and his rabbi (Josh Peck) leaves him heartbroken. However, upon arriving at his grandmother’s (Rhea Perlman) home in the town of Walkerton, Indiana, Evan hatches a plan to turn his bar mitzvah into a party for making friends. As a newcomer navigating the complex social circles of his new high school, he soon realizes he’s not the only one dealing with typical high school stress. As her new friends Patrice (Gabriella Uhl) and Archie (Jonathan Lengel) worry about the future of the planet and unrequited love, respectively, popular cheerleader Lucy (Frankie McNellis) gives herself a lot of wrong to stop the boy she has a crush on. (JD McCrary) and her best friend, Kendra (Lindsey Blackwell), share their first kiss. As if that weren’t enough, Evan invites the most popular kids to his party, who don’t get along with Patrice at all. With these conflicting interests at stake, Evan undertakes the impossible task of bringing peace between them and reuniting them in time for their party or risk social failure. Turning 13 doesn’t seem as cool as he promised anymore

Jamie Foxx stars as a hardworking father who goes to great lengths to provide a decent life for his shrewd daughter. But his routine job as a pool cleaner in the San Fernando Valley is nothing more than a cover for his real source of income: hunting down and killing vampires as a member of an international syndicate of bloodsuckers.

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