Penalties leave Valladolid City Trophy XLVIII at home

The penalties decided the title of Trophy XLVIII of the city of Valladolid, which remained in the capital of Pisuerga, failing Milinkovic-Savic and stop masip the blow of Neighborand the locals scoring all their shots, after a match where they dominated the first half, and the Italians, the second.

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Despite the technical quality and the potential that Roman painting was supposed to have, the truth is that the Real Valladolid he was more comfortable on the new lawn of José Zorrilla, and tried to surprise his rival from the start.

Monchu, close to the opener

So, at minute 8, monchu He looked to open the scoring with a shot from the edge of the box that went over the crossbar. And later it was Tony Villa the one who looked for a center after a great internship, but did not find an auctioneer.

The Italians tried to pass the contras, but came up against a good blanquivioleta defense, which stopped all the arrivals of the Lazioand in the first half they had no clear chances to overcome a Sergio Asenjo which was never published.

The one who had to intervene was Maximianto prevent shooting Aqueous (m.41) y Escudero (45) will end up in the back of the net. And the crossbar also intervened in the powerful shot of Sergio Leon from the diagonal of the area, so the first half ended with the same initial 0-0.

After the restart the tables turned and the Italian team dominated the game, controlling the ball, against a home side who dropped their level considerably, despite the changes that were made.

Masip had to be used thoroughly

masipwho replaced asenjo in the goal, it had to be used repeatedly, to prevent the visitor’s goal. His first intervention, in two stages, left the shot from Basic and, later, also canceled those of Milinkovic-Savic e Motionlesswho was early enough not to let him finish.

The quality of the striker Lazio he was seen on another occasion, in another shot which, in his case, exceeded the blanquivioleta goal. In front, a Real Valladolid which was diluted and could not reach the visit area.

Therefore, they had to resort to penalties to clear up the Valladolid trophy winner. Javi Sanchez, Olaza, Iván Sanchez and El Yamiq did not fail, while Milinkovic-Savic he fired his shot and masip has stopped running Neighborso the title stayed at home.



0-0 (4-1): Penalties leave Trophy XLVIII Ville de Valladolid at home


Real Valladolid: Asenjo (Masip, m.46); Luis Pérez (Víctor García, m.74), Javi Sánchez, El Yamiq, Escudero (Olaza, m.74); Monchu, Kike Pérez (Iván Sánchez, m.59), Aguado (Roque Mesa, m.59); Gonzalo Plata (Óscar Plano, m.46 (Chuki, m.74)), Sergio León (Arroyo, m.74), Toni Villa (Hugo Vallejo, m.74)

SS Lazio: Maximian; Marusic, Romagnoli (Casale, m.46), Patric Gabarrón (Gila, m.59), Lazzari (Hysaj, m.79); Basic (Marcos Antonio, m.59), Cataldi (Vecino, m.59), Milinkovic; Pedro Rodríguez (Zaccagni, m.46), Building (Cancellieri, m.80), Anderson

Goals: Penalties: 1-0, Javi Sanchez. 1-1, Zaccagni. 2-1, Olaza. 3-1, Ivan Sanchez. 4-1, The Yamiq. Milinkovic and Neighbor (Masip suspended) failed for Lazio

Arbitrator: Muñiz Ruiz (Galician Committee). He showed a yellow card to Escudero (m.30), Monchu (m.84), Víctor García (m.89), from Real Valladolid and to Cataldi (m.33), Gabarrón (m.33), Lazzari ( m. 54) , Voisin (m.83), from Lazio

incidents: Match corresponding to the XLVIII City of Valladolid Trophy, played at the José Zorrilla stadium in front of 9,010 spectators.

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