Lotteries: Rain of prizes in Gran Canaria

Luck and fortune fall squarely this Saturday, August 6 at Gran Canaria. The August National Lottery extraordinary draw distributed about two and a half million euros, exactly 2,415,000 eurosthrough the three main draw lots, in the municipalities of Telde and San Bartolomé de Tirajanaespecially in the first, where 2.1 million fell in oneAdministration of La Brujita de Teldein the Alcampo shopping center, in La Mareta, for the second prize.

Joy and happiness stopped in Playa del Inglés, in the municipality of San Bartolomé de Tirajana. The first prize in this extraordinary draw, numbering 93,448, was for administration number 3, located in the Cita shopping center. On this occasion, 300,000 euros were distributed after the sale of two tenths of the aforementioned number, 150,000 euros for each.

Ernesto Alvarado González, head of the said administration, underlined his “joy” to have distributed prizes again. “I’m very happy, and even more for the winners,” he said.

The last prizes distributed in this administration were a second Lottery prize on Saturday, December 18, 2021; and one million euros from the EuroMillions draw of November 29, 2019.

Concerning at the second prize, with the number 69 159, It was distributed by the La Brujita administration, of the Alcampo shopping center, which subscribes exclusively to this issue for all Saturday draws, such as the Christmas and children’s draws. For this reason, he only played in this administration of La Mareta throughout the country, while the first prize was also distributed in three outlets in the province of Cádiz and the administrations of Córdoba, Málaga and Pontevedra.

In this way, La Brujita sold 70 tenths of 69,159, or 2.1 million euros, since this corresponds to 30,000 euros per tenth, between its subscribed customers and its regular customers, the majority being from the municipality of Telde and others nearby.

The director of the mentioned administration, Alberto Suárez, pointed out that “About 60% of the winners of these 70 tenths are customers who have subscribed to this number for many years. Not all winners have a single tenth, there are some who have, and others who have two or three tenths that they have shared or not with other people or relatives. There was a lot of joy today [sábado]. Many of the award-winning customers are older, but there are also young people. Several of the winners are on vacation, and some on other islands”.


“This morning I saw, sitting in front of the administration, a regular customer, who is not subscribed to this number. I approached him and asked him what tenths he had for this August draw. Eh well, one of them was 69 159 . He did not believe me, by surprise, when I told him that he was rewarded [30.000 euros]. Now he will have to wait until Monday to get it back,” he explained, between laughs, Alberto Suárez.

The last major prize left by La Brujita de Telde was a second prize in the National Lottery’s El Niño draw last January.

Another prize from this extraordinary draw, the third, hit in San Bartolomé de Tirajana, the third, with the number 02.198. The oil and vinegar store, located on Calle Tamarán, opposite the gas station, in Tunte, sold a tenth per machine, which received a prize of 15,000 euros.

Cati Santana, daughter of the owner of this point of sale, Expedita Sánchez, recalled that “the last and previous exceptional prize that we gave was the first prize of the Thursday lottery of April 22, 2021”.

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