LoL: Riot’s big tribute to a streamer to show off Udyr’s editing skills

When Riot Games announces a new champion or reworks for League of Legends, the normal thing is that the developer plays with the hype of the community and wants to take the lead in announcing the news at its own pace. However, Udyr’s Big Update He was outstanding in the business. Instead of keeping all the prominence, the game makers decided to pay a big tribute to one of the great streamers in the history of the game. In this way, they allowed him to be Truc2G of the hero who made him so loved by the community.

All of Udyr’s abilities featured by Trick2G

The streamer, who started uploading videos to YouTube over 11 years ago, was tasked with sharing the images showing all the spells of Udyr’s revamp. Thus, he revealed his four forms and the unique new mechanic of his passive, revealing all the details of the champion before Riot Games decides to formalize them or launch them in the world. PBE. This way, we were able to understand all that this interesting new version of the champion is doing a little ahead of the usual League of Legends schedule.

below you can see all abilities that have been revealed, but keep two details in mind. We do not yet know the official translation of the skill names and all statistics, in addition to being subject to change, show level one data.

spirit walker

40 second cooldown

awakened mind: Instead of an ultimate, Udyr has four basic abilities called stances. Udyr can reuse a stance on his cooldown to awaken, causing him to awaken with additional effects.

the formation of Monk: After using an ability, the next two attacks have 30% increased attack speed and restore 5% of Awakened Spirit’s cooldown.

Q – Savage Claw

6 second cooldown

wild stance: Udyr gains 25% attack speed for 5 seconds. The next two attacks deal 3.2% of the target’s maximum health as bonus damage.

Wake up: Gain 34% bonus attack speed and the next two attacks summon thunder that strikes six times. Each of these hits deals 1.8% of the target’s maximum health. You can hit the same enemy multiple times.

W – Iron Cloak

6 second cooldown

Posture Cloak: Udyr gains 63 shield points for 4 seconds. The next two attacks have an additional 10% lifesteal and heal 12 life on each hit.

Wake up: Shield increases to 178 and Udyr regenerates 89 health over 4 seconds. Lifesteal increased to 20% and healing per hit increased to 24.

E – Burning Stampede

6 second cooldown

shoving position: Udyr gains 30% movement speed decaying over 4 seconds. Additionally, attacks while in this stance stun enemies for 0.75 seconds (this effect has a 6 second cooldown per target).

Wake up: Gain immunity to effects that immobilize or disable and gain 32% increased movement speed for 1.5 seconds.

R – Wing Storm

6 second cooldown

Storm Stance: Udyr surrounds himself with an icy storm that lasts 4 seconds, dealing 20 magic damage per second to all nearby enemies, slowing them by 15%. The next two attacks deal 14 more damage.

Wake up: Unleash the storm, causing it to move towards nearby enemies. Deals 9.4% of the target’s maximum health as bonus magic damage over its duration.

Keys to Udyr’s Revamp

The truth is that Riot Games has had a lot of success with the Udyr revamp, at least from what we can see in the abilities. The League of Legends developers experienced maintain the identity of the champion and stop inventing. The only big new feature is his R (Wing Storm) which can now summon an ability independent of the character’s base hits when used with Awakening. However, the rest of the kit is a revision of the old spells of one of the oldest video game heroes. The same, but adapted to the new times.

If we previously suspected that the Udyr Redesign Release Date should be August 24 on the occasion of the 12.16 update, this acceleration of presentations makes it even more obvious that the champion is on the verge of joining the PBE. There is almost no time left for all players to try it out, not just the most privileged. While we’re also not going to lie to you, we think it’s a great idea that Riot Games wanted to pay tribute to one of the most important content creators in League of Legends history.

If you want to enjoy the full video of Trick2G, you can do it at Youtube.

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