Lidl’s magic item so you don’t waste time cleaning the house

Come on, admit it: although you know how important it is to clean the house, most of the time you are too lazy or tired to start doing it, especially in summer with the heat and because, why be wrong , you like to spend more time on the street making plans. For this reason, you dream every day of being able to find, in the corridors of the malland magic product that helps you get out of the house like the golden jetsin minutes and with as little effort as possible.

Well, we have to tell you a big news: now you can stop dreaming about this magic cleaning product, because it already exists and is in lidl. He is the product works with steam and it lets all the surfaces it crosses shine and, above all, it has a very affordable price and is suitable for all budgets. So that we don’t get tangled up, here we give you more details about it Lidl handheld steam cleaner. We hope you find this useful!

Lidl handheld steam cleaner

Clean the house at lightning speed, even going through the most difficult to reach corners, and leaving everything spotlessly clean, bright, shiny and without a drop of dust is more than possible thanks to this portable steam cleaner from Lidl, which we can assure you will become your best ally for cleaning and you won’t want to use anything anymore. In short, this practical device for cleaning the house will help clean hard to reach areas and also very effectively removes dust and dirt.

Lidl handheld steam cleaner
Silvercrest portable steam cleaner, photo: ©Lidl

As you can imagine from its name, this portable steam cleaner from Lidl, which it sells under its white label Silvercrest, performs these deep cleaning thanks to its powerful jet of steam, which reaches everywhere, without distinction. This cleaning gadget is perfect for washing faucets, mirrors, tiles, sinks and even if we leave the domestic world behind, it also leaves your car tires looking shiny. All one wonderful product for only 24.99 euros. Yeah, we also think that’s one heck of a bargain not to be missed.

To tell you a little more in depth about this Lidl handheld steam cleaner, we will tell you that, in short, you can use it to remove dust and dirt from surfaces such as glass, ceramic, stone, metal, enamel coatings and, in addition, you can also use it to review upholstery and fabrics. In addition, its hot water vapor is very good for eliminates 99% of bacteriaI know there are some around the house. Another advantage of this steamer for cleaning the house is that it leaves everything spotless with just hot water, i.e. you do not need to pour no chemicals or cleaning products.

It should also be noted that its nozzle is adjustable and small in size, which means that be handy and easy to store because it fits everywhere without taking up space. The best thing is that you won’t need a long time to wait for it to heat up, because in just three minutes the water will already be hot and ready to be expelled in the form of steam. This cleaner also has night lights, child safety device, overheating protection and its water tank has a capacity of 250 milliliters. Finally, add that it includes the following accessories: extension nozzle, angled nozzle, upholstery nozzle with cotton cover, window cleaning accessory, round brush, flexible extension tube and measuring cup and funnel. We remind you of its price: 24.99 euros.

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