Leroy Merlin removes mosquito nets with its innovative curtains

exterior shots… A practically endless list, which does not fail summer after summer the insects, who usually appear on these dates with the aim of meddling in our affairs. And among the platforms that offer solutions, Leroy Merlin He surprised more than one with his latest invention.

Since time immemorial, mosquito nets They have been one of our main weapons in preventing unwanted guests from entering our home. However, it must be recognized that at the aesthetic level, they are not the most elegant objects on the market. But there are other options that can avoid their presence and, at the same time, perform an aesthetic function.

Leroy Merlin has the most wanted curtain of the summer

It is neither more nor less than Door curtain Lisbon. An atypical curtain, because instead of being made of a homogeneous fabric, it is made of plastic garlandssupported by an aluminum bar at the top of the door.

The Lisboa door curtain, available from Leroy Merlin.

A Leroy curtain Merlin who has a striped finish alternation of brown and crystal colors. And due to its consistency, it is a very effective product when it comes to preventing any type of insect from passing through the entrance doors of our home, being more than usual to see this type curtains in the door leading to the garden or on the terrace, as these are usually the spaces from which the most insects come.

But it’s not only useful for that reason. Nor is it because it performs an aesthetic function that gives your home a distinctive touch. And it is that another of the great advantages of this product is that it has the ability to dim the lightbeing another extremely effective way to control the heat that we want to bring into our home every summer day.

Its assembly is very simple thanks to the aluminum frame that we can fix to the ceiling in a simple way, thus obtaining a curtain that has measures of 120×210 cm. Curtain made entirely of a material of PVCwhich comes to dethrone the mosquito nets.

The Lisboa door curtain, available from Leroy Merlin.

A product that shows the muscle that Leroy Merlin still has to offer more than impactful products, and that you can find on your nearest platform or on Leroy Merlin’s website for a price of only €44.99.

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