last hour of the match, goals and result

It’s true that it was a friendly match, it’s true that he didn’t feel called upon, but the FCBarcelona offered in the John Gamper and in front of him Puma UNAM (6-0), during the presentation in front of his supporters, a colorful exercise, in which he seemed to rediscover the memory of this football which dazzled not so long ago.

The Gamper served to present in society to Robert Lewandowski, who was one of the most remarkable, with a goal, two assists and the feeling of being on another level; and the rest of the signatures (Raphinha, Cooundé, Kessie), burst Christensenwith a minor injury.

One key, maximum two. Open ends, forward luxury. Second line interior entrances. Pressure, quality and purpose. The dizziness had returned. All this is what Barcelona offered from the first minutea team that has regained its historical memory, which once again raises its hand to warn the footballing world that it wants to return.

heart Xavi Hernandez two of the five starting signings, Lewandowski and Raphinha. Dembele, the capricious Frenchman was the third striker. An electric game of two extremes and Lewandowski’s tap football.

The Pole understands football from the first touch, he knows how to play with his back to goal, he has a sixth sense for the pass and a killer instinct in the box. 33 Years? No one would tell.

Lewandowski took two minutes and 36 seconds to score his first goal as a Barca player in the Camp Nou. He took advantage of a through ball from Pedri, controlled with the left, and finished with the right half a yard from the bottom line. The ball traced an impossible trajectory. Barca’s nine went to the corner and the crowd went crazy.

It was his presentation as a goalscorer. As an assistant he was seen in the 2-0, in combination with Pedri. The canary cut Julio González (min. 5). In 300 seconds, more football had been seen at Barca’s high school than in most games last season.

Barça worked like a roller, now with Busquets as a metronome, as Gavi in the pressure, with the subtlety of Pedri or the power of the defense. Until Ter Stegenwho only demanded it in a few actions in the first part, seemed another.

With Raphinha and Dembélé changing positions; the Brazilian helped the Frenchman make it 3-0 in the 19th minute. Ousmane was also changed.

And as if it were a match for Barça de Guardiola, even if the comparison is impossible and even less at this stage of the season, at 19 minutes the azulgrana already won 4-0. In this action, the connection between two geniuses was again seen: Lewandowski and Pedri.

The nine created space and assisted at the heel of the canary, in another luxurious move. Before the break, Raphinha and Lewandowski finished off the post and Gustavo Prete, in the 31st minute, was the only one to disturb the home goal.

Xavi made seven changes at the break, and two of those who joined: Kessie and Aubameyang, played in the 5-0, in a fine assist from the former Milan player to the former Arsenal nine. The game was started by Lewandowski, with a nice through pass.

The Pumas raised the white flag and their coach, Andrés Lillini, made three changes to seek physical freshness. One of those who came out was Alves, who was one of the best in his team at the time he was on the pitch.

Barça were able to increase their account several times, but only Frankie de Jong he struck in the 84th minute (6-0). Pumas, who had not appeared for a long time, had a great chance thanks to Jero Rodríguez, but Inaki Pena it was splendid

The Barça spectators left the stadium with a good taste in their mouths. Here, yes? (This year, yes?) Too early to tell, but the sensations are unbeatable.

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FC Barcelona vs. Pumas, Joan Gamper Trophy live: last hour of the match, goals and result

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