Kitten labeled as “escape artist” forces owner to ask about AirTags as a last resort. Responses from other users have been forceful

Everything that has to do with Air beacons It fascinates me, even before I can analyze it. It is a product that play a lot with the “Search” ecosystem But when the rumors started, many of us wondered if the company was really planning on launching something like this. In my opinion, it was a product with little room for surprise compared to the competition.

It was surprising: the ingenious use that is made of the Search network allows it to become a small bluetooth beacon who uses any Apple device with a nearby Internet connection. This avoids having its own connection, and its indoor use is better than GPS (although outdoors it does not have its precision).

From the first moment, the company clearly indicated its use: locate objects, not people or living things, because the lack of precision could put them at risk if we rely on AirTags as our main search device. Despite this, we have seen how to use them in some controlled cases (and don’t fully trust someone’s location) resulted in some good news. For example, that of this lost puppy and located by its owner or stolen scooter which the thief did not expect the surprise he was hiding.

It should not be used, but use it “just in case”

Gatitos Applesfera 003 Airtag Necklace

(Photo by Waffles1842 on Reddit) AirTag cat brawling.

The thing is that in Reddit’s r/cats i find a new one payment to the use made of them in kittens – something different from the use made of them in dogs, either because of their size, or even because of their character.

User i love your bike he mentions that he has a kitten at home that he calls “an escape artist”. Apparently, this little feline is like a ninjas: is able to move around and leave the house without being seen in any way, resulting in “frantic, terrified hunts that were already becoming ridiculous”. Looking for a solution to avoid this, the retiring owner of what will be known as “Gataninja” asked if AirTags could help him.

The behavior of cats differs a little from that of dogs to wear the AirTag: this had to be taken into account

In the answers there is a bit of everything, but the case of cats is curious for several reasons: First, they are usually smaller than dogs, so the collars where the device is worn can be lost. And secondly, because these large kittens often remove it themselves and the collar will eventually be found before the animal itself.

One of the commenters gives you an answer that seems to be the general opinion in the thread: “I wouldn’t recommend anything other than an AirTag”. In his experience he has tried dedicated GPS trackers and in his opinion – although they are smaller than AirTags – they have very poor coverage and there are continuous signal drops.

Gatitos Applesfera 002 Airtag Necklace

(Photo by n2d5vu on Reddit). “You’re going to regret it, human”

Another, gives you tips on how to get kitty used to the airtag before he begins a spiral of violence towards the device: “Put it on his current collar to get him used to it, then buy another one with a dedicated compartment.”

Another user is adamant with his experience of using them in their kittens: “It saved my cats life – I have kids so doors don’t always close right away, and both cats are super shy, so when they ran away they immediately hid. . Under a neighbour’s shed. I have no doubt that I would never have found them without the AirTags.” In conclusion, in his recommendation it’s pretty clear “they are so cheap that it is silly not to think about them at least as a precautionary measure”.

The solution for Gataninja ended up buying a collar and an AirTag for her, considering the benefits:

  • “You only change the battery once a year.
  • It is used for light and non-accurate cat tracking.
  • Small compared to other trackers. I’ve seen people post about sizing but absolutely no issues, even on our 6 month old 8 pound cat.
  • Cheap without monthly expenses.”

But also the disadvantages of something like this:

  • “No GPS tracking, just Bluetooth.
  • The area must have Apple devices nearby. If he goes somewhere with no one around, you’ll never find him.”

Anyway, it seems people keep experimenting with AirTags, which eventually became a successful device for Apple – which should only be used on objects. However, if at some point it serves to appease the owners of the many Gataninjas, welcome.

Picture | The bottom of Valentina Locatelli there cmbyd10 (Reddit)

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