Jose Tomas to Alicante | José Tomás gets two ears in the second bull in Alicante

Alicante today welcomes 11,000 bullfighting enthusiasts who attended the bullfight offered Jose Tomas in one of his rare appearances this season -he has only fought in Jaén and, now, in Alicante- in which the bulls of Juan Pedro Domecq, Garcigrande, Victoriano del Río and Domingo Hernández fight. The right-hander immediately took control of the ring and the first bull served to show off. The second bull earned him two ears although the animal showed less pace but the bullfighter anchored himself in the bullring and used the crutch and brought the arena to its feet ordering the bull charge and giving muletazos with great skill. The third bull, the Victorian, It is the one that is being treated at the moment in the square of Alicante.

Around this event was organized Tendido Único, a event combining leisure and gastronomy during this weekend around the Plaza de Toros de Alicante: the ADDA and the Panteón de Quijano were the meeting point where bullfighting, culture and gastronomy can be shared among bullfighter followers, more than half of whom come from 44 Spanish provinces and 10 countries.

The passion for the legend of José Tomás He went wild in Alicante hours before the right-hander from Galapagar got to work. At noon, more than 150 guests were able to taste an altitude menu, in charge of the prestigious chef Mario Sandoval. The chef in charge of the Coque restaurant, winner of the National Gastronomy Prize and winner of two Michelin stars, prepared a menu specially designed for the occasion, based on fighting bull meat, which left no one indifferent. Chef Mario Sandoval He said he was “proud to participate in this unique and original experience as a bullfighting fan and as a foodie. We are going to live a very special moment and also in Alicante where I am even more excited because that is where I spent every summer with my parents. Sandoval explained that he was going to prepare a menu based on charcuterie, charcuterie, pork shoulder and a hamburger “very special” made from fighting bull meat, “the oldest breed of cattle that exists”. A tasting that took place in the ADDA room, surrounded by the photographic exhibition of the right-hander.

Also, Sunday morning the book “José Tomás, the bullfighting of a myth” was presented in Alicante in which the portraits that the photographer Joaquín Arjona has made of the bullfighter since 1995 are collected and the meaning and transcendence of this historical figure of bullfighting are analyzed.

This initiative, promoted by the company that manages the Plaza de Toros and the town hall of Alicante, has been structured through a series of activities before and after bullfighting. Nacho Lloret, director of the bullring, has already argued that this celebration “will be the most massive event of the year in Alicante”since it is estimated that will assume 3.5 million euros of economic impact in the city.

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