Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck ‘separate’ three weeks after wedding

Jennifer Lopez there Ben Affleck they decided, three weeks after their wedding in Las Vegas, that they had to put a pitch in between. The lovebirds arrive from their honeymoon in Paris and they believe that a temporary separation is the best way to focus on their professional career. The couple mutually agreed not to have contact for a few weeks, so they could miss each other more than ever. Thing which, as revealed by a source close to the artists of the medium Hollywood lifeit would make their love story stronger.

There are many couples who have to separate after not being able to live together for professional reasons. The clear example of this is Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson, who announced the end of their relationship because of the distance. Apparently, that’s not a problem for Jennifer and Ben, who consider giving each other space to be helpful in having a healthy relationship. It is thus a surprising and original way to consolidate their love story, which surprised many of their followers, who were happiest after going through the altar on July 16.

Actors Jennifer Lopez with Ben Affleck in Paris, France on July 23, 2022.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck on their honeymoon in Paris


A source close to the performer of songs like jenny from the block oh I am in you revealed to Hollywood life that the two movie stars are completely focused on their new work projects. There is no time for distractions. For this reason, they decided to put aside the personal realm in order to pursue their professional careers and strengthen their relationship.

“The one thing that makes their relationship so unique is that they know more than anyone about the demands that come with what they do. In fact, they believe spending time apart makes them stronger and that is perfect, because when they are apart they make a lot of money.”extreme money. It’s a win-win situation,” the aforesaid source confessed to said pleas.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck during a walk in the streets of the French capital

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck during a walk in the streets of the French capital


As for his professional projects, Ben is shooting the next film for Aquamanin which he will return to his character of Batman. As for ‘JLo’, the singer’s professional plans haven’t been revealed at this time, although knowing her, I’m sure she’s already considering a new project. Either way, both of them will continue to consolidate their marital relationship as they can, since their love can do everything, as they have shown.

“They’re still talking, texting, using Facetime and even recording when they’re apart at work. And the time they’re apart makes reuniting so much better. ‘JLo’ loves knowing her husband will be there.” there for her no matter what,” reveals the source, adding that when the reunion takes place, the couple will be closer than ever. Both have decided to secure their professional future without touching their love story, a a decision as mature as it is surprising, all the more so after seeing the “darlings” who have roamed the streets of Paris.

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