Irene Montero spent €19,723 on the act in which she rewarded the drag queen who says she ‘hates raped women’

The Ministry of Equality paid a total of €19,723 at the award ceremony Samantha Hudson the controversial drag queen performer who, among other pearls, said that hated “raped women” to be “heavy whores”. The department of Irene Montero informs OKDIARIO that the award ceremony was part of “the commemoration of June 28, Org Dayullo LGTBI” and three contracts were concluded.

In this “forinstitutional act in the gardens of the Residencia de Estudiantes in Madrid”, the expenses derivatives of the celebration were eprocessing and shipping sculptures Rainbow Rewards (3,726 euros), pproduction of the institutional act (10,997 euros) includingcreation, design and animation of cartel country pride (4,999 euros).

On the other hand, in the equality response, signed by the General Manager of Sexual Diversity and LGTBI Rights, Boti García (Podemos), it is pointed out that the prize to Samantha Hudson and the rest of the winners are ” recognitions that are not accompanied by no financial endowment for those who receive them.

As a final touch to the event, a musical performance by Rodrigo Cuevas, the Asturian transformist who starred in an important controversy in the Dubai International Expo. He also received a ministry award. His cache for this ministerial act is included in the almost 11,000 euros of production for the event.


The drag queen and singer Samantha Hudsonwho asks for the vote for Ada Colau (En Comu Podem), was rewarded for her “effort and dedication” to “making normal what is normal”. In 2015, the artist posted black humor messages for which she had to apologize, according to herselfbe “in very bad taste.”

“I hate female victims of rape and who resort to self-help centers to overcome their trauma, annoying whores”, “damn bitch you’re drunk and they let you in because you’re a bitch”, “I want to do things naughty like getting in a 12 year old kid for the asshole » or “it makes me angry that I can’t kick Greta Thunberg in the face”, were some of the statements of this person.

He also left written niceties like, “I’ve got a pussy like a wizard’s sleeves” and “I wish I could put a microwave in my vagina and that Marvel hire me for their next movie.”

A year ago, as she became a TV regular on traditional network programs, she cringed: “I feel bad for writing this at some point in my life just to try to get the attention. pay attention and to ‘enjoy’ me. I was 15 years old and I thought being so silly and frivolous with such delicate subjects was the best. I apologize to everyone.”

“Honestly, it might not be enough, but I want to reiterate and apologize again for all the nonsense I wrote in 2015. I was in my fourth year at ESO and wanted to attract attention on the internet. I didn’t think, I don’t think either. It was pure provocation and in very, very bad taste. Sorry. I don’t justify what I wrote, but you feel a little weird”, insisted on posts that he also deleted. He criticized the fact that robots attacked him for these public statements.

After receiving the award, Samantha Hudson denounced that the extreme right continues to be present in Spain. “Franco is dead, but fascism is still alive. The far right is devouring land in rights, but we plan to continue living, occupying spaces and invading the public”, she condemned, while insisting on the fact that “we must build a future full of hope where there is more tolerance”. At the same time, he wore a shirt with the message “Franco is dead”.

The law was hosted by Jordi Cruz, popular for presenting Disney club oh Art attack. In addition to Irene Montero, the Secretary of State for Equality and Against Gender Violence was present, Angela Rodriguez Pam; the Executive Director of Sexual Diversity and LGTBI Rights, Brother G. Rodrigo; as well as ministers Yolanda Diaz, Ione Belarra and Diana Morant.

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