iPad 10th Gen schematic leak keeps the USB-C dream alive

Apple is expected to introduce new iPad models this fall, with a report claiming the tech giant will delay the release of iPadOS 16 to coincide with the new hardware. The 10th generation iPad model is one of the tablets expected from Apple this year, with a recent rumor claiming that the tablet will eventually switch to USB-C. This is just one of the expected upgrades that the iPad 10 is expected to offer. The A14 Bionic chip and 5G connectivity are two of the rumored upgrades for the tablet. A new leaked schematic appears to be keeping the USB-C dream alive, though it’s not yet clear which port Apple will use on the upcoming 2022 iPad. The schematics indicate that Apple will keep the current home button layout for at least less than a year. .

Will Apple’s cheapest tablet have USB-C connectivity?

The purported 10th generation iPad design diagrams come from MySmartPrice. The CAD files show the iPad 10 from different angles, teasing some significant design changes for the 2022 variant of Apple’s most affordable tablet. But they also indicate that some things will not change. The only confusing detail is the port at the bottom. Previous rumors for the 10th generation iPad indicated that the tablet would come with USB-C connectivity. But the diagrams do not provide a definitive answer. The port is hidden, so we can’t tell if the iPad comes with a Lightning connector or a USB-C port.

Leaked 10th generation iPad design diagrams don’t reveal connector type. Image source: MySmartPrice We know the European Union wants USB-C to be the standard port for charging electronic devices. As a result, Apple will have to move all of its devices that still use Lightning to USB-C. In addition, Apple has made the change on its own on the iPads. The 9th generation iPad is the only iPad model that still uses Lightning. EU rulings aside, it would make sense for Apple to bring USB-C connectivity to the 10th generation iPad model.

iPad 10th generation design leak

The leak also offers some interesting design details for the 10th generation iPad. The tablet could have four speakers instead of two like the 9th generation iPad. The design diagrams also indicate that the new iPad will lose the 3.5mm headphone jack. The 9th generation iPad is the only iPad with a 3.5mm headphone jack. The 10th generation iPad will replace the audio port with better speakers. A USB-C port at the bottom means users will need adapters to use wired headphones. Or they’ll need new wired headphones.

Leaked CAD render shows the 10th generation iPad's alleged camera bump and lack of 3.5mm headphone jack.Leaked CAD render shows the 10th generation iPad’s alleged camera bump and lack of 3.5mm headphone jack. Image source: MySmartPrice Another big change to the 10th generation iPad could be the camera on the back. We’re still looking at a single-lens camera, but the camera module has a bump reminiscent of the iPhone X design instead of the camera bumps on the iPad Air 5 or mini 6. Finally, the iPad 10th generation will have flat edges like other iPads. This is another way the budget iPad stands out, as it’s the only tablet in Apple’s lineup to sport the older design. What hasn’t changed is the screen design. The home button is still in the picture if this leaked iPad 10th generation schematics is accurate. This means that the iPad has a corresponding “front” on top. With that in mind, it’s safe to assume that the screen size will remain at 10.2 inches. The only way to increase it is to remove the home button. But Apple may not be ready for that yet.

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